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  • Aizawa Daughter
    72.6K 1.3K 23

    {I Do Not Own My Hero Academia} ×This is Mostly Focused in Aizawa Daughter and other characters becoming a hero as the anime continue so does the story× Aizawa has a daughter name Fuyuko and she too is wanting to become a hero but she lives a somewhat normal life while trying to deal with school and her Villainess mom

  • (Bnha) The Villain's Daughter
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    (Discontinued!) When she was little, Izumi Midoriya lost her mother and was taken in by her father, whom she never met. But he seems to have different plans than just taking care of her, rather Hiashi Midoriya wants to turn his own daughter into a weapon. Not just any weapon though, one capable of taking on his legacy...