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  • Hidden Fox
    490K 18.3K 31

    Fox Shifters aren't supposed to exist, but that's where the world is wrong. April Anderson is the only Fox Shifter anyone knows about. Except, not many people do. She lives her life hidden from the other weres, and any wolf that isn't in her pack thinks she's human. When the greatest war between Hunters and Werewolve...

  • Lost Princess
    120K 6.8K 29

    ~~~ You know that feeling when you've just thrown up? The emptiness, the hollow? That's how I felt, staring at the empty crib. I gripped the wolf plush toy tighter, willing myself not to cry. I've been doing that too much lately. Part of me wants to give up; the other wants to search until we drop. I just don't know...

  • The King's Flame
    180K 9.2K 29

    ORIGINALLY CALLED STOLEN FLAME AND UNDER HEAVY EDITING! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! I changed up the book before this by changing a little bit of the plot at the end. This means this book will not line up very well for a little bit. Just be warned and read at your own risk for the time being :)) If you have been reading...

  • Fatal War
    222K 12.5K 29

    Emerald Anderson absolutely does not want a mate, but her parents have been pressuring her into visiting other packs to find him. They want her to have the happiness they have. So, when Emerald's parents drag her to a meeting about the ongoing war, she is surprised to find her mate there. River Williams wants to fin...

  • Silent Luna
    6.3M 215K 34

    Eirenae Leigh's mother died when she was seven; she hasn't uttered a word since. Eirenae's father blames her for the tragic car accident and has been abusive towards her ever since. If he is even suspicious of someone onto them, they pack up and move. Eirenae isn't allowed to make any friends because of it. So when sh...

  • Pocket full of Posies (Ace of Queens #2.5)
    35K 2.2K 5

    A short story following Tobias after the chaos of Queen Ascending. please read Queen Material and Queen Ascending before or it will make no sense :) The God of the Underworld find himself in a strange position as he wanders the streets of New York with a pocket full of posies.

  • Queen Material ( Ace of Queens #1)
    5M 175K 60

    ***Not edited***** "My heart is in your with it as you please." Rye Alden counted herself lucky for not inheriting the werewolf genes from her mother. She was content with her ordinary life and her human father. But when tragedy strikes and her father is killed in a car accident, Rye discovers just how dee...

  • Queen Ascending (Ace of Queens #2)
    936K 40.7K 38

    Exton Alexander Dorin knew from the start Gemma Moore was not what he wanted. She came in like a hurricane and turned his life upside down...or so he thought. But her storm had just begun. 2nd book to Queen Material, please read that before this, or you will be very confused :P

  • The Black Sheep
    97.3K 4.4K 11

    THIRD BOOK OF THE WEREWOLF PRINCESS SERIES (Riley's story) ***** Riley Reed isn't really a Royal. She is the adoptive daughter of the Werewolf King. She is the oldest of the family before Leigh and Dale. Being the oldest makes her next in line for the throne. But Riley isn't even a werewolf; she's a witch. Knowing tha...

  • Her Scarred Alpha | ✓ (Currently Rewriting)
    6.3M 187K 43

    COMPLETED What would you do if you accidentally trespassed over an Alphas territory that's known for his brutal mentality and ruthlessness? And what happens when that said Alpha also happens to be your mate? Well, Kennedy Black was about to find out. Highest Ranking - Werewolf #1 No copyright intended for photos - a...

  • Her Destined Alpha
    346K 11K 14

    Maverick Stone and Blair Diesel had known since they were children that they were destined to be mates. With Maverick travelling across the country and through multiple states while wanting to put distance between himself and Blair until she hits 18, will he return home different to how he left? And will he still wan...

  • I Can't be your Luna, I'm a Warrior
    51.6K 1.3K 21

    Alexandra always hoped her mate would be exactly like everyone described. However, when she meets her mate and he doesn't sweep her off of her feet Alexandra begins to take things into her own hands. After fighting for her place as a warrior in the most ruthless pack in America, she is now forced to start back at squa...

  • A Tale of Two Opposites [COMPLETE]
    431K 25.1K 63

    Both have Alpha blood. Edith Silva is on a mission for one thing: get her pack back. Can she take it back in time? West Stryder is on a mission for proving himself to the entire world he can be an Alpha. Does he have what it takes? A story of a hot-headed impulsive West and the calmed and controlled Edith. There is on...

  • The Alphas Unknown Daughter | ✓ (Rewritten)
    28.6M 720K 30

    COMPLETED Two teenagers, a party and the unmistakeable mate pull, but what happens when it follows with a steamy night and a rejection the next day? Then only a month later, you discover a surprise which would change your life forever? In Lara's case, she decides to keep her baby a secret only to accidentally bump i...

  • The Demon Alpha [COMPLETE]
    3.9M 144K 62

    Meet the best Alpha ever, Lance Stryder. Are you tired of werewolf stories where the Alpha yells out "MINE" and practically kidnaps the main character? Are you tired of Alphas being too possessive and too jealous? Are you tired of seeing all the signs of an abusive relationship glamorized here on Wattpad? Are you tir...

  • Once In A Blue Moon *Completed*
    283K 8.8K 33

    *COMPLETED* ~Book 1 of the werewolf stories, book 2 is also completed~ Legend has it that every hundred years or so, a blue wolf is born which has more powers than every other wolf alive. The blue wolf is a bed time story whispered down through generations 'The most powerful wolf alive'. When rumours start spreading t...

  • The Mandala of The Sky *Completed*
    15.1K 826 26

    *Completed* Book 2 of the werewolf series After months of training and preparation, the war between the rogues and the pack wolves is finally here. One thing they didn't prepare for though, the leader of the rogues is none other than Milly's father, who is long thought dead. Milly's father, Nicholas, is after one thin...

  • True Mates - Editing
    10.3M 166K 30

    He rejected her, his mate. He didn't want a human as a mate and even though it was quite rare to have one, he beat the odds. A weak little human would never survive in a world of werewolf's. A year later they meet again, only different. When attending a meeting with all the pack Alpha's in the country is when he sees...

  • A Rejected Princess (Completed)
    16.8M 544K 55

    "I, Alpha Asher Reed, reject you as my mate and Luna" he didn't blink. He didn't show a spark of remorse. He just walked away. ******************************************************************************** Asher Reed. The 19-year old alpha. Like his name states, he is lucky. Lucky that the Moon Goddess blessed him w...