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    A 23 year old woman who has never been in love, plays a man's game in the streets of Baltimore, Maryland. Zee Banks has never been in love, and isn't looking for it either. Money is the only thing on her mind, until her best friend by the name of Jefe "Bricks" Gomez, steps in her way completely. We'll he be able to c...

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    How did the dope boy slither his way into the rich girls life ?

  • The Thick Girl Book 1
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    Emily is a thick girl but goes to a school where thin is what's in so they think she's fat, and they let it be known. Everybody except her best friend January, January's a thin girl but unlike the other thin girls knows the difference between thick and fat. Emily thinks that January is lying because she's her best fri...

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  • What One Man Won't Do Another Man Will
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    Nicole"Nicki"Morison is a 23 year old stripper. She strips to pay for college and take care of her 1 year old son King Marr. King's dad and Nicole's boyfriend, 24 year old Treshawn"Trey"Marr, treats Nicole like shit and cheats on her because she's a stripper. He doesn't take care of King either. All she wants is for h...

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