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  • origami ❥ park rosé
    13.7K 906 32

    ❝ i love origamis because they're interesting..but i also have an interest in you. ❞ - ✎ lowercase intended « college! au ; completed [ ✓ ] || 171028 ;

  • Worlds Collide (Rosé x Male Reader Book 1)
    42K 1K 20

    A Rose x Male Reader Fan Fiction where Y/N is an American rapper signed to Shady Records (essentially Eminem's post-hiatus career). In October 2018, YG Entertainment announced a global partnership with Interscope Records and Universal Music Group. Part of this partnership included Interscope/UMG representing Blackpink...

    Completed   Mature
  • Worlds Shattered (Rosé/Momo x Male Reader Book 2)
    20.5K 535 28

    The sequel to JerseyBlinkTheorist's "Worlds Collide" Y/N and Rosie have been officially dating for over a year now and Eternal Entertainment has signed 2 groups formed by trainees from UMGA's program. With Y/N producing albums for himself, Greg (who's also signed to Eternal as a solo act), and now PARANOIA and Trinity...

    Completed   Mature
  • As If I'm Your Last Love - BLACKPINK Rosé X Male Reader
    82.1K 1.5K 16

    I met her by coincidence. I became friends with her by choice. I fell for her by destiny. So tell me, Rosé, do you feel the same?

    Completed   Mature
  • VOICE - (Rosé x Male Reader)
    4.3K 234 12

    Kim Y/n, the school most famous student and Rosé Park, his childhood friend who recently transferred to Y/n school. Can they be together? Everything is pretty normal for the two of them-except for the fact that Rosé is... mute. For this reason, she immediately became the target of the school most famous bully group; B...

  • Black Rose (Rosé X Male Reader)
    19K 923 37

    You're an orphan. Ever since you entered a high school, everything is super hard for you and the one that took care of you. You used to live with your step grandmother who adopted you from the street. Everything, food, education, a roof to stand under, she provided it. Once your school days are numbers, the grandma di...