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  • He's Mine!
    99.1K 2.1K 43

    You are his wife! Elizabeth comes to you searching for the Eight Deadly Sins and you guys go in an epic journey. You are ready to break this dumb ass curse

  • The Demon's Lover (Meliodas)
    233K 7.1K 50

    Ayano was also given the tittle of the sin of lust, and her sin is that she lusts for is the Dragon Sin of Wrath, Meliodas. Ayano is a demon sent by the demon lord long ago to retrieve Meliodas because her power rivaled his, but instead she fell in love with him. For that she was cursed to live forever and watch the o...

  • Cursed ( Meliodas X Reader ) on hold
    175K 4.5K 31

    Y/N she's an angel who went to earth to fight the demon clan. Meliodas , prince of darkness, bumps into her and starts to feel something. Will Y/N be able to save meliodas? And can Meliodas save her ? Story is VERY CRINGE!!!! read at your own risk, wrote this when I was like 14 💀 - 2-1-18 ~ #8 in meliodasxreader 2...

  • Never have I ever (Meliodas x Reader) [HIATUS]
    25.3K 708 35

    Never have I ever thought I'd have this life... _______ "Welcome to the team, Y/N." _______ Never have I ever thought I'd see these people again... _______ This was the moment Y/N dreaded the most. ______ Never have I ever thought I'd see her again... _____ "I'm so sorry. I lost control... I killed everyone... I'm so...

  • Demons » Meliodas X Reader.
    239K 5.5K 26

    Being trapped for ten years isn't exactly very pleasant for anyone. When she finally breaks out, what will she do? Who will she meet? Well, one thing is for certain... She fell in love with him.

    Completed   Mature
  • Come With Me - Meliodas x Reader
    244K 7.8K 71

    The Seven Deadly Sins re-imagined. You are Meliodas's wife. Let's go together, we'll be free The world ends eventually So come with me - Come With Me by Chxrlotte First ever fanfiction. Be kind. i think the picture on the cover is by Poysean