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  • Pretty in Punk Critique Shop
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    Are your characters a little flat? Your scenes a little dull? Your start a bit . . . false? Do you love to write and tell stories but need help in the wording department? Then look no further than the Pretty In Punk Review Shop! Our buffet of reviewers are here to help YOU write better! We're staffed by a heaping hand...

  • Dreamland Review Archive
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    Dreamland Community's review archive, open to view different reviewers past works :D If you are looking to request a review, please head over to Dreamland Reviews!

  • TGE Reviews
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    You've wandered for too long. . . Searching. . . Then you see it, a garden standing in its utmost glory. The gates are open, beckoning you into its celestial beauty. Fear not wanderer. . .walk into the garden, for you have found what you have been looking for. In our garden, we'll give you the best and honest review...

  • Reviews : a book where I try to review other books
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    (closed) I'm bored and I have writer's block, what better way to hit two birds with one stone than doing a review book which I will most likely abandon but oh well. Welcome to this book, created through an impulse decision by me. If you want to have your book reviewed with only 1 payment then this book might be for yo...

  • {Closed} - AM Reviews -
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    In this book you can request a review of your your work. I will read and provide feedback. I have judged in awards before, read a lot of books (real and on Wattpad), so I know what I'm looking for. I will provide an honest opinion of your work, so if you're interested check it out and submit your form!

  • Writer's Recognition Awards 2021
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    [ENDED - only participants lists are kept for readers to check out] Get your talent recognised and enhance your abilities with this exceptional awards show. Welcome to Writers Recognition Awards 2021! We are looking for books with originality and empowerment. Who knows? Your book might be the next number one story on...

  • Anna's Reviews
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    [ closed ] get a detailed review and in-depth analysis from a self-taught literature student. sometimes, i do special reviews while requesting is closed. it doesn't mean you can request too. but hey, maybe i'll take a special request from you if you're nice enough ;) the form is in the link in my bio. 《lowercase in...

  • Reading Challenge
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    This is for you guys! Feels like your book isn't getting the recognition it deserves? Please sign up!