LadyMeShe's Reading List

  • The Island King
    5K 435

    To the world, Bailey Hill has the perfect life. She owns her own gift shop, is smart and beautiful. But there is one she does not have, and she would trade eve...

  • Brazos Bride
    4.4M 56.6K

    Hope Montoya knows someone is poisoning her, but who? She suspects her mother was also poisoned and knows her father was murdered. Who wants her family elimin...

  • Her Ultimate Desire
    21.2K 456

    Alexia is a black successful Caribbean woman who has the career she dreams of and a greatest best friend Kristy, what more could a girl ask for. But what she r...

  • RADIO LOVE (under major editing)
    3M 39.9K

    Sophie thought she was completely in love with Will, but the night he proposes they get caught in a crash and he dies. Disraught, Sophie tries to block everyt...

  • When I could not remember
    70.9K 1.3K

    Sara was in a car accident. When she woke up in hospital she could not remember anything. As she did not have any ID on her the police was unable to identify...

  • Wynter's Circle (Interracial Romance)
    177K 4.4K

    Wynter wanted one thing and that was to forget Antonio Rodriguez star quarter back of the Philadelphia Eagles. She intended to do this by marrying basketba...

  • The Fat Program
    208K 2.8K

    Janet is an overweight adult. She's always been on the... Well let's say chubby side. She doesn't have friends and only a few years ago her parents died of a t...

  • His Secretary To Be
    2.7M 38.6K

    Furious about her new boss not showing up at her job interview, Cassidy takes matters in her own hands. She meets Luciano Gavino in his own office but somehow...

  • How The Warrior Fell (Falling Warriors Vol. 1)
    3M 78.4K

    ***Book 1 in the Falling Warriors series*** Xaviers eyes flashed furiously, his arm shooting out and wrapping around the back of her neck in a vice like grip...

  • Silk and Roses - First Draft (Removed)
    415K 4.3K

    Mario Bellini has lived far from his family and home for ten years, a different life with a different name. He's never wanted to go back. There were things and...