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  • King Combs Images
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    The images in this book are not real they are fictional also I do not own any of these pictures ,videos and music in the book! Enjoy , vote and comment ! ❤️ Can i get some feedback ?!! Love you guys so much 🖤 STARTED IN 2018

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    Read it

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    Cute/Freaky imagines bout King Von & Lil Durk & other OTF rappers

  • Crazy story
    11.1K 384 8

    Miami and von met at a party a year ago . Turns out Miami had a baby by von . They came across each other at Walmart ; READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS NEXT 🤌🏾 : ⚠️ : Book includes drugs , violence, sexual content, etc .

  • Hurt Before-Lil Durk Love Story
    86 4 1

    Victoria, 22 year old model and dancer, ends up running into her biggest crush and favorite rapper: Lil Durk. Victoria has to battle between what her mind thinks is right versus what her heart wants. There's only one way to find out :)

  • A King Von Story
    2.2K 106 7

    Word in the streets is to never get caught lacking, but do we really know what that means? Sure we think an opp can catch you lacking and you end up dead. But what if your girlfriend or boyfriend catch you lacking, what does that look like?

  • my fine ass bitch
    2.3K 90 17

    rip king von we love youu

    Completed   Mature
  • A Chicago Love Story
    50.4K 1.9K 50

    This is a fanfiction for King Von :) this is my first "novel". I've never written anything before so I hope you folks like this . !!DESCRIPTION!! : A girl named Laiya just moved to Chicago from ATL and as she's looking for something to eat at a corner store, a cute guy (King Von) asks for her number. The two build a b...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Love (King Von)
    1.3K 32 7

    It's all because Nyamal wanted her twin sister to have a good time and it worked. The famous Nyanuer Chan goes to a king Von concert and meets him. What will happen when they see each other will they talk to each other or look the other way find out to see Started: August 29 2020 Finished: ???

  • A Krazy Love Story 2.0
    280 10 2

    This is a story how Von falls in love with a girl and she becomes his peace in a world of violence and kaos. Chanel has a boyfriend but Von will do anything to win her love.