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  • Primordials
    1.3K 253 25

    In the world of Primordials, no one is safe. Rhea, capable of manipulating water, is violently betrayed and ripped from her mother. Mason, born with incredible strength and durability, has become the Department of Civil Security's favorite experiment. And Ferris, a hippie who has literally dreamed his ideal life into...

  • Labyrinth (Jelsa Story)
    29.2K 1.4K 16

    Long ago in a faraway word, fairies, creatures and the worst, goblins lived. And the one who ruled them was the Goblin King, a man so handsome; it was hard not to fall in love with him. But under his beauty, lived a cold hearted man. His follower feared him and tried to stay on his good side. Even with all of his foll...

  • Bloodlines
    2.4K 578 46

    Thomas Rue was executed for treason by the King nearly six years ago, and Arthur will do anything to silence the Rue bloodline. But unknownst to him, there is one obstacle in his way, Thomas's son Nicolas. Nicolas grows up in the castle of his father's murderer, with no recollection of his father or what happened. Un...

  • Inola
    1.2K 33 50

    Inola is in a wheelchair because she is suffering from an illness that left her lower body in a semi-paralyzed state. For a sixteen-year-old girl, this is quite a challenge, what does the future hold for her?

  • Tank
    1.4K 625 8

    Tank Millers is a mechanic who is passionate about his day job of being a mechanic. He has been in the mechanical field for three years, so one day a new client comes to him for help claiming he has crashed into a tree which is the reason his tires are blown out. With the inspection of the car, Tank finds it hard to b...

  • Dandelion
    2.3K 447 27

    A dark unmoving silhouette at the corner of the room, watching his precious flower...sleep peacefully. His flower...his Dandelion. He is always watching with those predatory yet warm silver eyes, but never dares to approach...scared, that his touch might make his precious flower vanish ...forever. ............. Anne M...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Dragon Rose
    680 120 28

    Who is the face haunting my mirror? When my dad dumps me at a private high school in the boonies, things take a turn for the weird. In mirrors, I begin catching reflections of a man with silver eyes who is searching for... someone. My dad goes missing. When my friend back home is attacked, I know that if I want answer...

  • A Song Of Light and Darkness - Book One: Dawn Of New Force
    5.6K 646 35

    After watching "The Rise of skywalker" , many of us have wondered what would have happened if Ben Solo had lived. Would he have been caught and imprisoned? Would he have been sentenced to die, or rather shown mercy? Or would he have begun a new jedi order with Rey? Those things were left to our minds to imagine. E...