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  • Beauty and her Beast
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    A tale as old as time..... Welcome to my version of Beauty and the Beast. Beauty (Beatrice), 25, curvy librarian, loves a good workout as much as her favourite bar of chocolate and a good story. Little does she know that she favourite story is going to become quite real. A chance meeting with the town's wealthiest bus...

  • Dark Instincts ✔
    29.2K 1.5K 34

    ★Featured in Official Wattpad General Fiction profile; Creatures of the Night | Paranormal★ "Make me yours," she whispered huskily. A dark instinct thundered through Hunter and he claimed what was him from the beginning. The Centauri family has been a strong threshold for all werewolves to follow as an example. Th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hunters
    3.2K 573 27

    Dawson turns to me faster than I could blink, his perfect face twisted in surprise, because he too, can't believe this is happening. His eyes are dark, darker than I've ever seen them, even in this spare lighting I can tell that they're different from the ones that I can get so lost in. From his mouth, that I've sham...

  • Heat
    30.5K 498 2

    "Stop it! Let go!" I screamed. Cole smirked and rubbed his boner against my ass. I let out a hushed whimper and be chuckled. "Tell me, Owen. What is it you want from me?" He asked. My body disobeyed me and rubbed our cocks together. Cole grabbed a handful of my hair and brought his face to mine. "What do you want?" He...

  • Little Red Riding Hood <3
    7.6K 52 2

    Nobody knows the true story about little red riding hood. But nobody believed the little girl who created such a horrible story. Especially when she accused the mayor of the town to be a werewolf. The little girl gave up on getting the truth.So when her granddaughter comes to live with after her parents' death and she...

  • Held Captive
    23.2K 931 19

    Was I a burden? Why was I left in a forest on my own? Those questions have run through my head since I can remember. My life was dangerous. Living in a forest was not safe, especially when other werewolf's, such as myself, attack me. Why? What have I done to them? I didn't know why I stay living in the forest. It draw...