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  • Save the Planet
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    This book is highlighting the problems that the Earth and it's nature faces today but also how we can help.

  • Save the planet (please)🌿
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    *cough cough* Since our planet is being destroyed at a rapid rate *cough cough* I decided to make a book on all the ways that you, or any ordinary person can help. Mostly easy things, and some more difficult things, that you can do to help our environment thrive.Or rather, not die.

  • Save the Planet
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    We are slowly being sucked into a world covered by plastic in every corner. A world that will lose meaning to live in as its once beauty and importance is lost in the mix. Save the Planet to Save our lives. The future depends on our present life. This is for the NatGeo competition.

  • Avoid use of Plastic and save the Planet Earth
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    Hello Everyone! I am Pam. Today I thought of going around the Planet Earth in 99 minutes through the well known largest network Internet. I googled the word Earth and there were some beautiful images where as to my utter dismay I found images which make anyone cry!In a flash I thought of searching for the reason when...

  • Together We Save the Planet #PlanetOrPlastic
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    Three people Two backgrounds One problem Three kids try and tackle a problem not meant for them to take on in the first place

  • How To Help Save The Planet
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    Animals, the climate, rainforests & the ocean need your help. Read this book in order to learn what you can do to help save the planet! The planet is in danger because of us humans and what we are doing to it. You have no reason whatsoever to not read this book. 2019