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  • 𝟡𝟙 𝔻𝕒𝕪𝕤 x reader
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    During this prohibition, the law was left to no power over the town leaving the mafia to take their place. In this town named lawless, which is known for marking illicitly brewed liquor. Is where I live. It was a nice town, if you knew where to be at the right time, and kept your business to yourself. Expect for one n...

  • 91 Days
    10.5K 606 9

    "Killing brings more killing, and revenge spawns more revenge." That's what he had told me when I realized the effects of my job.I looked up to him as he looked at me as his own pen pal. "...What can Happiness bring,sir?" He just gave me a natural smile. "Happiness can sometimes bring sadness." DISCLAIMER-------- I DO...

  • 91 Days: After the End
    6.8K 419 14

    Two years before the official end of the Prohibition Law, a budding writer stumbles upon a mysterious apartment while searching for a place to stay. There she discovers a long forgotten letter that sends her spiraling into a story of an old age war of revenge, deception, betrayal, and atonement... Disclaimer: I own no...