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  • I Fell In Love Here (KookV) 18+
    2.4K 283 4

    "Are you dumb ? "-TH "Woww, I always hear this question.., but do you think iron man will like me? "-JK Taehyung was always tired of satisfying his parents wants.... he was done trying to win any roles his parents forced him for.... done being not himself.... Jungkook the Low IQ boy who is always very adorable eve...

  • Zombies V/S Crackheads (KooKV)+18
    3.1K 206 4

    "Only a fucking dumbass will jump in that zombie's group to save a Gucci's bag-DAFUQ PIERRE LOUIS!! "- JK "NoT My GuCCi bag uGlY BiTeRs FiTe TaeGucci!!! "-TH {Zombie crackfic Au} ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Well... The title say it all. (☆∀☆) Bts feat. Y/n against zombiesQ_Q Still not a book for sensitive people. Contai...