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  • Elements || The Lost Medallion
    3.8K 1K 23

    One letter, a million changes. When Anastacia is captured by Vertigo, Eclipse and Eliana go on a quest to rescue her, and in the process, they must find the lost medallion of darkness. The Vertigo have a spy in the camp, and they know about the quest. What will happen when the stakes have increased? Will Eclipse and E...

  • Mulan: Unbreakable Soul (Mulan Live Action 2: Fanfiction)
    852 173 4

    Cover made by @CallmehDaniel, the cover shop located at @_aesthetic_alice Mulan reconsiders the emperor's offer. With her sister matched, who would take care of her parents? As her parents encourage her to accept the offer, there are more problems to deal with than deciding to go back to the place where a certain some...

  • Ocean Storm
    11.7K 2.3K 38

    Eva did everything but follow the rules. No one seemed to understand her. Suffering domestic violence, she used humor to hide how alone and unwanted she truly felt. However, everything changes when her uncle arrives in Curaçao. After he introduces Eva to the world of piracy, her life sets a new course, but not everyth...