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  • Found by destiny ✔️
    34K 1.1K 29

    (completed) Second story of FOUND SERIES Story of Reysh El Ricci and Alia Reysh El Ricci 25 yrs old CEO of El Ricci empire. He is strict with his work but kind to his employees he is not ruthless but not nice either it's like if you are good he is good if you are bad he is worst. Loves his family more than anything...

  • Hukum's Biwi💗
    208K 9.3K 39

    Completed Arrange marriage series Third story... Story of Abhimanyu and Ridhima Abhimanyu Singh Rathore The king of Rajasthan. A powerful, dangerous, and man of few words. He is a business tycoon. He loves his family very much but not a soft type of person not to his family also.. He is not the eldest of the family bu...

  • il mio✔️
    87.2K 3.4K 42

    il mio my the one. ( Completed ) Story of a handsome billionaire and a beautiful architect DAMON KING A 26 year old handsome, smart, arrogant self made Italian multi-billionaire. he has got Einstein brain with Greek god body. every girl is in his foot. the whole world is on knees infront of him. as he rules the busine...

  • Mine To Love
    82.7K 2.9K 37

    ARRANGE MARRIAGE SERIES First story... Ranvijay Rawat Our male lead. He is handsome, smart, and a businessman.he graduated two years back and now handling his dad's company Rawat industries.He is 28 years old. He is kind but quite doesn't like to speak to people except his family and 2 bestfriends. He never believed i...

  • The Imperfect Couple (Complete)
    43.6K 2.6K 24

    A careless and stubborn college senior is forced into marrying his junior - inexperienced, daydreaming girl who pathetically misses the realities of life. What happens when these, not so perfect, youngsters find themselves trapped in the sacred bond of marriage against their wishes. Thanks @shimmer482 for the beautifu...

  • Loving The Prince
    279K 14K 36

    DEDICATION- To all the girls who dream of being royal , your dream will partially get filled with this book. " If you love me accept the promise my child" -Those words rang in my head like a voice and the sad part is that i cannot ignore it cause damage was already done. RAJVEER PRATAP SINGH RAJVANSH - Heir to billion...

    Completed   Mature
  • "House Wife" (Completed)
    337K 9.8K 60

    Ranking #10 in husband and wife 25-6-2018 ranking # 3 in housewife 6-7-2018 Ranking#1 in Classics 😍 1-1-2019

  • •|Arranged To Love|•
    113K 4.4K 49

    "You are my sun, My moon, And all my stars..." -E.E. Cummings Love has its own twisted ways to find the right ones. Let's join the journey of Mayank and Kavya and how love find its own twisted ways to make them one. Mayank Jaisingh M.D. of Jaisingh Enterprises. 25 years old cold, arrogant, Greek god looks but not you...

  • You Play A Role In My Rhythm (Tanglish) [COMPLETED ✔️]
    13.3K 1.2K 53

    "My choices are important, I would never leave my passion for anyone." she said. "I love my profession, but still I don't have something which the successful people have." he said. "Where will we lead to, if things like these never change?" they both voiced out. She wants a specific career. He longs for individual...

  • The Third String.✅
    739K 32.4K 51

    " No! Get away from me. You are not my mumma and you will never be. I hate you and papa hates you too. I don't wanna talk to you.!" Sahil screamed. " Sahil, baby I am not trying to take your mumma's place. Please just let me tend to your would or you will get infection." I tried to pacify my four year old son. " No. I...

  • Destiny Tied us in a knot ❤️ (COMPLETED)
    832K 49.7K 55

    The Nayak Brothers - Book 1 This is a story of two individuals who are tied into a knot by destiny. Story is situated in Mangalore, Karnataka. Prarthana Pai was married to Rudra Nayak in a completely unexpected situation!!! Prarthana & Rudra are opposites!!! She smiles He frowns She laughs He roars She is a joker He i...

    Completed   Mature
  • Partners In Breakup | ✔
    25.9K 1.8K 52

    Only in the novels and movies it looks good when your best friend and sibling date each other but in real life it turn out to be a complete mess. This is what Sara thinks when she get to know that her best friend ; Yashvi started dating her brother ; Neil. She decided to break there relationship. As she don't want any...

  • Complicated love hatred story✅
    7.5K 554 41

    a girl love boy but something happen that change the feeling of a girl love into hate This story is full of suspense and mystery . If you are a fan of mystery. Then plz read it at least once.

  • Till Death Take Us A Part
    55.7K 1.3K 41

    Count you bitch, smack smack smack smack . Ahhhhhhhhhh It's been an hour since we get married. He dragged me to his bedroom while pulling my hair. Sir please don't hit me. It's too painful. I can't take it anymore. Ahhhhhhhhhh Will you count or shall I start again. It's been an hour he is whipping me with his belt...

    Completed   Mature
  • Searching Mrs. Angelo (✓)
    202K 11.7K 55

    PLAGIARISM/❌ #1 Saanvi Roy, an Indian girl who left her country, her parents and everything behind her and flied to London with one phone call from her lover; to marry him; to become his bride. As soon she landed, her dream was shattered without any warning When he denied to marry her & cheated on her. Then, how she b...

  • Arranged Marriage ✓
    70.2K 4.6K 53

    What happens when Nishita Mehta, one of the youngest Indian Surgeons gets unwillingly married to Darshan Raval, the youth icon of India? Does she try to live happily and start up a family with him and his family? Or, does she leave everything and everyone behind to complete her F. C. P. S. degree, that her parents did...

    Completed   Mature
  • Devil And His Angel(COMPLETED)
    673K 34.6K 67

    #25 in Romance. "I don't care if I fall in love with a Devil,as long as that Devil will love me the way he loves hell." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Where are you going?"he asked again. "Going on a if you have finished your twenty questions can I go?"I asked angrily. Devil held my hand tightly and closed...

    Completed   Mature
  • You LIGHT Up My LIFE (#6 in SGO Series) (Available On GoodNovel)✓
    184K 10.1K 15

    Arthit Arjun Kashyap ( Sun ) is a 25 years old , First born of the set of Quadruplets , A very hardworking , dedicated and handsome Doctor who loves his family But BEAST in character Darika Saran ( Moon ) is an 18 years old girl who doesn't have any knowledge about the Cruelity of this world In Simple Words , She...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Journey of two souls in marriage
    296K 8.2K 40

    hey guys.....this is my first writing.....excuse if any gramitical...

  • Not Ready For Love
    3.3K 140 44

    Lakshmi is a fun loving, happy girl whose world is her family, friends and her pet dogs.. she lands a job right after graduation.. she loves romance and is a fan of love stories and wants to experience that feeling atleast once in her lifetime even though she has a conviction that she cannot be with one guy forever...

    179K 9.7K 102

    Vikramaditya Singh the scion of the royal family of Rajgarh was to be married to Maya Verma daughter of Verma jewellers who eloped with her lover two days before the wedding. Now Maya's step sister Shnaya would take her place. Will Vikram be able to accept the practical Shnaya as his wife ? Will Shnaya ever be able...

    47.1K 2.6K 68

    Jiya Mehra is a simple small town girl who dreams of marriage and love. Sagar Singhania is a spoilt brat a person who believes in spending money and bedding women. With the entry of Jiya in his life will he realise what true love and happiness is?

  • FOREVER [Completed]
    18.7K 1.2K 61

    #37 in general fiction #340 in romance ********* A Rich Play boy Rishi Malhotra and A naive girl Anshikha Khanna.. what's make them together.. let's come to know their destiny makes them together...

  • Blind Love [Completed]
    44K 3.4K 37

    Mafia Love Series 2 Varun Mehta Second command of Daring Beast Gang, but for world he owns Mehta Industry. He's very introvert and cold from outside but there's many emotions & secret hidden inside him. But his worlds stop the second when his eyes meet her eyes who's incapable to see him. Sara Mishra She's k...

  • The lost love ✓
    51K 3.5K 29

    "You left me...when we were about to start a new life together" Pain Of Love Lasts Forever We meet. We fall in love. We make promises. We leave each other. In the world of darkness. Can we survive after loosing our dear ones in front of our eyes? How long will it take for a broken heart to heal? Can love happen twice...

  • His Love .. Her Fate
    64.7K 2.3K 36

    "You met me It was my fate Being your Wife Was not my choice But falling in love with you Was beyond my control your love turned to be my fate". Arhan is only Son a rich business man. He is 28 yr old , young bachelor a very famous as young and most talented business man.He is very successful in achieving his dream...

  • Healing with love
    104K 3.7K 25

    A coldhearted , ruthless multi billionaire built iron walls taller than everest because of his dreadful past. A college student enjoying her life makes everyone happy around her. Fate brought them together. Will she be able to break his iron walls? Will he allow her to heal him? Guys this is my s...

  • Fallen for you [ ✓ ]
    15.5K 603 22

    Keerthi and Gautham are like two opposite poles with her attitude and his coldness. But one thing is common between them the longing for love. What happens when fate unites them? Will they realize their love? Will they overcome their ego? It's all about "when opposite poles attract each other...."

  • False Promises ( Completed ✔️)
    7K 376 25

    Where are you busy??? my jaan I'm not busy.... I'm free for you everytime.... really.... yeah.... Prit you don't even know today is our 1st anniversary?.. Oh my God I am extremely sorry... Nandini... OK leave it... I don't want to spoil your mood, cut the cake... first... oh my Jaan you remember my birthday...

    Completed   Mature
  • Little Secrets Of Our Marriage
    259K 10.9K 58

    Childhood sweethearts who are from two rival families gets married secretly just to save the reputation of a girl,dead girl. They fake their marriage as a part of revenge to both the families where actually they are fallen for each. What will be the consequences