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  • Asta Staria: Absolute Zero
    26K 674 13

    After the events of the Shadow Palace that had the Clover Kingdom almost in ruins the Magic Knights had started the process of rebuilding their country. Asta a peasant from the forsaken realm and one of the heroes that helped in the defeat of the high rank devil Zagred by dealing the finishing blow had been enjoying h...

  • Was I a mistake? (Izumomo)
    60.2K 767 7

    Momo never had the best child hood. She was home schooled and miss behaved even a little she was punished in the most extreme ways. And Shoto cheating on her with camie pushed her into depression until a green haired classmate helps her through her toughest times and she develops feelings for him.

  • My Alchemist Academia
    25.5K 1K 10

    Ed and Al are asked by Nezu to go to a foreign land where people have abilities called quirks to help capture a dangerous alchemist. [FMAB BNHA CROSSOVER]

  • BNHA Multiverse
    31.6K 232 7

    Follow the adventures of the Boku No Hero Academia people in the reaction of Multiverses! When this is posted, I will have a many chapters posted at the same time so I am never late. I will do songs from musicals and will take requests!

  • "How The School Idol Fell In Love With An Unpopular Boy"
    89.5K 853 10

    This BNHA fanfic takes place shortly after Midoriya's second fight with Bakugo. One of the 'Big Three' of U.A, who is also the school's idol, found herself attracted to our plain, unpopular, nerdy main character.