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  • Pillow Talk
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    His hand gripped her hip, gently, "The way I want to fuck you. Merda! You wouldn't believe it." Freya gasped this time, looking into his eyes and realising he was dead serious. He found her desirable. She blushed. "Yes but I'm no good for you Tesoro, trust me. I'll only hurt you.", he warned. "So stop giving me bedr...

  • The Bad Boy Needs A Babysitter
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    "Why do you make me feel like this,nerd" Jerome's husky voice whispered into my face, his warm breath beating on my lips as he took my chin in his long fingers. Who could think this would ever happen? I changed the bad boy's life. JEROME STYLES! He's rude.. She's nice.. He breaks every rules.. She obeys every protoco...