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  • Mr. Imperious| KSJ(semi-hiatus!)
    439 42 5

    ❝Remember!❞ He whispered to her furiously, closing the gap amid them which frightened her. ❝No matter how much you try, you can never take Jaehwa's place in my life❞ He leaned back, his bloodshot eyes flickering with the dim glow in the room, the only source of light within there. ❝NEVER!❞ ...

  • Endearment| KTH (coming soon)
    203 8 2

    ❝I can be your shoulder if you want to cry. I can be your reflection if you want to laugh. I can be all the emotions you want. Only if you let me call you mine.❞ He never thought that such a stubborn girl like her would be shattered and fragile deep inside. And neither did she thought that he would be far different fr...

  • Next To Each Other||KSJ (discontinued)
    2.4K 400 24

    She's the scariest girl when pissed off! And he... Well, he was born just to irritate her! Highschool Au highest-ranking-#15 in boyinluv Special note - Chang Eun Hee is an OC @Chimgy

  • You Ruined It!|| A JJK FF(On Hold!)
    522 45 8

    Jeon Jungkook, a carefree & childish guy, finds himself in a nutshell when he's arranged to Kang Hyejin, his eternal rival! # 200 rivals out of 3.6K stories on 15 Aug 2020 lmao ☆*:.。.O(≧∇≦)O.。.:*☆ Cover credits to @Chimgy

  • Keepsake| a Choi Beomgyu short story(On Hold!)
    175 25 5

    ❝I can only imagine our days of togetherness, and that is enough for me.❞ a Choi Beomgyu short story Cover credits to @Chimgy