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  • The Blind Man's Nurse
    2.7M 128K 39

    Book 1 of Nurse Series Cover by the wonderful @Ironic-Faith <3 "You know what I want to see most Addilyn?" his voice was low, husky. "No," my own was breathy with want. His thumb traced my bottom lip, making my eyes shutter half-closed reflexively. His voice was so quiet, I almost missed his reply, "The smile of...

  • 104 Nights of Summers (BWWM)
    138K 8.6K 32

    "Well maybe I don't make six figures like the men you may be used to, but I promise I can show ya a good time darlin'." his blue eyes stared back into mine. Nyla Gordon takes a trip that's meant to be strictly business from California to South Carolina. Upon running into Maverick Summers, the cowboy mechanic, her foc...

  • Color Blind
    942K 34.7K 35

    Audra Jones left Miami after her longtime boyfriend Antonio cheated on her. Refusing to pity her life, she decides to move on by relocating to Italy. Once there. she crosses paths with the handsome, but blind, Danté Lombardi. Sometimes aggressive, he has his own story of heartbreak and woes. As time progresses, they w...

  • Biker Baby (BWWM)
    453K 21.2K 25

    16 year old Isabelle Montgomery had one mission: take care of her terminally ill mother. Beside her mother as she took her last breath, she revealed a secret. Isabelle's biological father lived, but doesn't know of her existence. After her mother loses her fight to cancer, Isabelle takes on a different mission: avoid...

  • New Orleans I 18+ I UNEDITED
    2M 58.6K 37

    18+ | UNEDITED -.- | FIRST BOOK in 'The Gangsters Girl' series | COURSE LANGUAGE | SEXUAL CONTENT Follow Annabelle D' Ambrosio -daughter of billionaire Gideon D' Ambrosio determine to keep his secret skeletons buried-as she battles with her long time running affair with the dark side of New Orleans...or at least the m...

    Completed   Mature