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  • The Lord Of Chocolate:The Fellowship Of Sweets
    4.3K 175 9

    Chara have stolen Frisk's soul and reset.Where is she now?

  • Attack on Chara
    302 21 3

    Willpower alone isn't enough in the battlefield. "Or is it?" Chara questioned.

  • The Xeno-Hero (Bnha x xenomorph male reader)
    238K 5.7K 21

    In a world where the abnormal is the norm in the form of Quirks. Over 80% of the world's population have these powers, some big and some small, but all have their special use. Izuku Midoriya, however, wasn't born with one of these powers. Instead, he was part of the remaining 20% of normal people or Quirkless. He was...