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  • 𝘾𝙝𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙚𝙙 [ 𝙰 𝙳𝚎𝚔𝚞𝚝𝚘𝚍𝚘 𝚂𝚎𝚛𝚒𝚎𝚜]
    1K 72 4

    Izuku Midoriya, the missing son of All For One (AFO). The news surprised him. With that, everyone who was he had been closed to him suddenly turns their back towards him. The moment where he knew what real friends and fake friends are. The moment he knew there's no one gonna support him now. Everything has gone. Until...

  • A mother's touch and a father's love
    133K 3.2K 31

    Izaya knew his body was different ,like for instance he can have kids .But he wasn't counting on a drunken Shizuo to come into his apartment one night and knock him up with two kids. Now five years later Izaya comes back into ikebukuro to sustain his family and their low on money . Izaya thought he could just easily s...

  • The White prince and his black knight
    28.2K 892 17

    Yuu moves to a new school when guren decided that they moved in with shinya. Yuu loved his new dad, new town,new friends,new school. but one deep dark secret lies In shibuya high. vampires were in the same building as the humans and strange things start happening to Yuu. That secret lies in the hands of Mikaela...

    Completed   Mature
  • Stray Love Affair || A NaruSasu Fanfic
    7.5K 224 3

    Naruto and Sasuke have always had feelings for each other. Though they never thought they'd come to tell one another that. But one day, Sasuke came to visit Naruto in his office to cleary express how he's felt the entire time. M.8.31.20 MY FIRST NARUSASU STORY, ENJOY!

  • A hospital, Anger and a Kiss
    29.4K 865 14

    Kaname x Zero Yuki has been in a attack and it was Zero's fault? Coping with guilt isn't easy when your only friend is in a hospital bed. Kanames mixed advances don't help his already conflicted mind. Mature content if under 18 proceed with caution you have been warned

  • ♡♡♡kanamexzero♡♡♡
    46.9K 1.4K 11

    Zero and everyone is human except that he can get pregnant Zero Kiryu And Kuran Kaname was in a serious relationship until the day that Kaname told him to leave and never come back.... Day Class - mid class family Night class - noble/elite family Kaname Kuran future king NOTE: The pictures and characters are not mine...

  • A Demand
    15.1K 471 11

    Kaname had been playing Zero, toying and hurting the hunter. One day, Zero walks into his game, and Kaname laughs, and Yuki sits there watching his best friend break apart. Zero was going there to tell Kaname that he had been carrying their child as Zero had yet to reveal he was a carrier. Zero couldn't face the anno...

  • Kaname x zero after years
    4.9K 134 7

    After Kaname and Yuki left, zero has no choice but slowly await his downfall as a level E. However, when a certain mission to eliminate a demon, who may or may not have accidentally cursed zero to be his royal heir. The demon has no choice but to train zero and help him become a more royal and civilized prince, from a...

  • Runaway Snow (Killugon Vampire AU)
    37.7K 1.3K 54

    Killua ran away from home. Gon was going to an ice cream shop. Killua is a vampire while Gon is a human. What could possibly go wrong? One day while Gon was at an ice cream shop a mysterious boy randomly sat down at the table in the back of the shop. Gon decided to go over and talk to the boy and soon the two became f...

  • Oblivious (Killugon Singer AU)
    7.4K 281 9

    Gon and killua got separated when they where kids. With Gon being a rising artist it becomes ten times easier for killua to find him. Disclaimer: This is my story but HxH is not mine nor are the characters except for the ones that I may or may not put in. ⚠️angst maybe still dont know⚠️ ⚠️stalkers (is that a trigger...

  • As Time Goes On - A SebaCiel Story
    176K 7.1K 108

    Ciel Phantomhive is growing older than he ever thought he would as the search for clues to gain his revenge are few and far between. His nightmares become worse in a way he never expected as the man who has served him hand and foot becomes something so much more. (Hello, Wattpad Reader. This is my first story written...

  • Yes my lord (a black butler mpreg story
    55.9K 1.2K 20

    Sebastian has been keeping his feelings from Ceil far too long. What will happen when Ceil finds out. Also Ceil is a demon in this *Warning* contains mpreg and yaoi if you do not want to read that then plz don not read

  • My Boyfriend is an Otaku
    279K 14.4K 25

    Ciel is your everyday Otaku, who tends to stay distant towards others. Despite that, his fate is intertwined with Sebastian. Sebastian is quite popular and ever so approachable, so how did their fates meet? Black Butler fanfiction. I do not own the anime or manga series, Black Butler, or the main characters.

  • Love is Magical🦄
    16.5K 364 6

    Todoroki has a "small" crush on Deku and Uraraka finds out. Uraraka tells Deku. Will Deku be disgusted? Or will the two hero's in training become more than just friend's? ~Uraraka hates gay, in other words she is a homophobic ~

  • Insanely in love
    72.4K 1.7K 18

    When Naruto came to Konoha high school he was a shy and calm guy, interested in only one person. What happens when he meets a certain raven haired guy and start to show his true colors? Another Narusasu! Because why the frick not!🍥 Smut in the story! Innocent Cinnamon rolls back away!🔞

  • My Lost Love | YiZhan
    90.8K 6.7K 43

    Ring... Ring... "Hello! " "Don't you think it's time for you to come back and claim what's yours?" The voice on the other line said. .................................................................................. Yes! I think it's time for me to go back. To go and get what belongs to me! To protect what belongs t...

  • Love exists (mikayuu)
    16.3K 463 5

    Mika was adopted and had to leave his orphanage when he was young but he is 16 now and one person is still in his mind someone named Yuu. (By the way Yuu acts like a little kid around Mika so Shinoa teases Mika about doing DDLB. But there isn't any of that not that I'm against it.)

  • Together At Last (Yu X Mika)
    67.8K 1.7K 17

    Yuichiro is rescued by Mikaela and is taken to safety but now is in some danger just by being near Mika. I'm basing this off on chapter 36 of Seraph of the End a bit. I don't own any of the characters or Seraph of the End or any of that stuff. Hope you all enjoy!

  • The black dragon and his beauty
    2.6K 182 6

    MR. SIN the well known ruthless , heartless , merciless ,talented , coldblooded , underworld mafia boss has a beautiful tattoo of a dragon on his right hand. HANDSAME right!!!!!!!!!!!! MR. WEI ZHAN is a cute , sweet , assistance of the ceo of LAN industry. He is afraid from dog , love to eat spicy food and very e...

  • My Sweet Omega (Shintodo)
    39.8K 987 12

    (NO QUIRK AU) Hitoshi Shinsou an Alpha, befriends an Omega named Shoto Todoroki. He begins to get suspicious when all the time when Todoroki gets scared when Bakugou is around. He later finds out he's in a toxic and abusive relationship with the most powerful Alpha, Katsuki Bakugou. Will Hitoshi he able to claim his...

  • Vampire Mika x Vampire Yuu
    117K 2.7K 22

    What if after Yuu stabbed Mika and his friends caught up to him, their insults pushed him too far and he sided with Mika and the vampires? Let's find out.

  • I love you, Wei Ying come back to me (The Untamed)
    17.4K 596 9

    "Wei Ying?... Xiao Zhan?" Yibo says as he stares at Xiao Zhan. A sudden pain strike his chest. Yibo knows this feeling, feeling of a missing person that he loves. He does not know why he know this feeling but he just knows it. Read the story to know what happens! :D start : 27/08/2019 ends : -- This is all not real a...

  • A Crow's Element [KuroTsuki, IwaOi, BokuAka]
    5.8K 231 4

    One day, Kuroo invited Bokuto and Iwaizumi to his house to play some games. The game Kuroo especially wants to play is "A Crow's Element", which was a game Kenma lend to him. The only reason why Kuroo wanted to play it is because the blonde guy with glasses on the cover immediately caught his attention. When his frien...

  • The Assassin and The Thief
    5K 153 20

    Marik Ishtar is used to taking out presidents, corporate executives and foreign spies. He's almost offended when his next job is simply whacking a small-time crook in N/E Brooklyn. But when he's offered a 5 million $ payoff, he can't help but wonder what's so special about this 'Bakura Touzouko'? Highest Rank: #1 in p...

  • You Capture Me (Servamp)
    126K 4.4K 86

    Mahiru, a simple 16 years old kid who just felt lonely being alone. He was hurting without his Mother, with his father abusing him Mahiru Wishes, to have somebody with him. To have someone, so that he won't be lonely. Ash, a Vampire that lives indark forest. All he wanted is to be alone and to be left alone with his...

  • My little Omega~♡
    58K 1.5K 13

    Mahiru, Misono, Licht, Mikuni, and Tetsu were Omega's. Kuro, Lily, Hyde, Jeje, and Hugh were Alpha's The Annual Selection is coming up, and our favorite Eve's are going. They don't think that they will be chosen, that Fate wasn't that kind. Well... They were wrong, weren't they? Mahikuro, Lisono, Lawlicht, Mikuni x Je...

  • To Be, or Not To Be
    13.1K 419 5

    Servamps are immortal. They live on forever, but not their Eves. To be, or not to be-that is the question... To find an answer to end this slowly diminishing time. [Kuro x Mahiru] [Hints of shounen-ai with fluffs. Alternate universe. May also contain spoilers for those not up to date with the manga] - story by Canna...

  • Servamp: Of broken bonds and sorrows
    9K 265 11

    Servamp fanfiction. When the eves abruptly decide to break the contract with their servamps, it's a storm of confusion, anger and mostly pain that rages within. Little do they know, the truth is far from what they think it is. And once they discover it, things sure are going to get messy. Because really, it is the ser...

  • Servamp! "Power Outage" (Kuro x Mahiru) YAOI
    51.7K 1.4K 7

    Mahiru and his Servamp Kuro were walking home from school one day when it began to rain unexpectedly. The two retreat to Mahiru's place soaking wet when they realize that there is no electrical power available in their home, nor anywhere in the entire town, and there wouldn't be for an entire week! During the outage...

  • ❄️Romance beneath Heavens⛲
    136K 14.3K 110

    BxB Zhanyi Xianwang Mpreg There was a time when the dragons used to be appointed as deities by heavens to fulfil the wishes of the mortal world. Cursed three thousand years ago the most beautiful person of the world of moon realm, reincarnated as the magical beast in the kingdom of Nanyang. This androgynous beautiful...

    Completed   Mature