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  • He Made Even Pain Contagious
    10.6K 769 9

    An average person's reaction to someone who causes harm towards them is to run. Get as far away from that person as possible, to scream, to shout for help and if all else fails - resorting to self defense. But how could you run from that person when he's so beautiful that it hurts to look away? How could you scream w...

  • Interviews with Wattpad Authors and Poets
    277 16 6

    A compilation of Interviews with Wattpad Authors and Poets. If you would like to participate send me a message.

  • Break In
    607 10 9

    Skylar Dunn was in the back seat of a squished up car when she had met him, Light skin, blue eyes, brown hair and perfect height he was everything she thought that she could never have, But she was right about one thing .. she couldnt have him.

  • Meeting You
    71 12 8

    Irma Diaz was so good at giving people advise, she had a answer to everything. . . but as she struggles thorugh high school she realizes how she has cuaght the attention of guys. She doesnt want to get hurt again, Her Ex Shane had done enough. . . but when It all came down to It she wanted to have someone love her. Ir...

  • Dark Passion [On Hold]
    8.1K 321 14

    Sixteen year old Jasmine Blakewood is your average female teenager, crushing on the school's most popular boy, the handsome and athletic Delano, but when one date goes array, mysterious and unexplainable activities begin to occur, leaving Jasmine to believe that Delano isn't who everyone thinks he is. And when Jasmine...

  • Love You, My Kidnapper
    116K 2.6K 12

    Collette Santos has always led a good life. She has amazing friends and loving parents. But one night, she is kidnapped by a brown eye dark haired stranger and brought to a paradise island where she is treated more like a guest than a victim. She soon discovers that there's a secret her father has been hiding for year...

  • Play It By Ear
    11.3K 231 22

    Georgiana "George" Alfred was glad to start her new job. That was, until she met her boss. He was egotistical, annoying, demanding, yet she melted like ice around him and after a while, it seemed as though he was doing the same. But could she really risk being with him? There were countless things that should have k...

  • Scouts Honor
    17.6K 722 15

    Soul mates don't exist. At least, that's what 17-year-old Baylee Chaffin believes. After her "perfect" boyfriend Jesse broke her heart, she swore to never love again. There's just one problem with that: Jesse's best friend, Bolton. Can Bolton help Baylee learn a thing or two about love - or will they both end up being...

  • Five Smiles
    4.4K 293 12

    Five months. Five months left until Noah could leave this horrible place. Get away from Nick and his friends... Brooklyn was tired. Tired of always fighting. Maybe Washington could relight the fiery spark... A story of two high schoolers, trying to find a beginning in what seemed to be the end. Pretty rough, and...

  • Surviving Contagion
    2.6K 144 12

    The world is ending. Or rather, the human race is going extinct. A mutation of the flu virus went extremely wrong when it was dropped and contaminated everyone in the building. Then, it began to spread. My name is Kaylina Davin. This is my story. It may not be pretty. It may not be perfect, but its mine. This is the...

  • A Stranger in my Garden (complete)
    5.6K 160 21

    Elva practically grew up with her best friend, Andy. He's always had his secrets, but she never questioned him about them. Elva remained his loyal friend even when he changed into a completely different person. Soon, his secrets are revealed and they're worse than Elva ever imagined. Will she be able to forgive him ev...

  • Being Bleu
    4.6K 157 26

    Bleu has always been the pretty, perfect girl everyone likes to look at, but never talk to. People know that she's offstandish but no one really cares to know why. When Axel starts noticing her, he wants to know her and understand everything about her. He wants to get past the pretty face that everyone sees and know w...

  • The Stories of Misfits
    73.3K 1.1K 4

    "To be honest, none of us really belong anywhere, but we're all outsiders and outsiders tend to band together like their own island of misfit toys." -Violet Zykin, Flowers. Marie thought her heart was okay. Derek thought that he was alone. Violet thought that being subordinate to her sister didn't bother her. Shamshad...

  • Love Is A Pain
    656 51 3

    Meet Jinx and Wolf, the couple from hell.