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  • Attack on Titan Facts
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    Just so all of you know, quite a lot of these facts are a bit old. So please don't get angry or upset over a fact because it's already been revealed..

  • Tokyo Ghoul: Re X READER
    165K 6.4K 95

    Tokyo Ghoul: Re X Reader Fanfic (Reader POV), the continuation of my first TG fanfic. (see -rather ugly- link below for the story before this one). Now, for the story: Having been through so much as the sister of the deceased Amon Koutarou, your dreadful life continues after the Anteiku raid in which you've lost much...

  • Tokyo Ghoul (東京グール) x reader
    309K 12.3K 64

    TG fanfic from reader's point of view. I follow the story line of the manga and add an extra character, which basically is you, the little sister of Amon Koutarou. Read the synopsis for more info. I hope you'll enjoy it! PS: I do tend to write rather gory and explicit when it comes to stuff like that, so be war...

    Completed   Mature