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  • An Innocent Love(COMPLETED)
    268K 14.8K 30

    Atharva Singhania, the youngest billionaire of India, belongs to what seems a happy family, a born perfectionist with a heart as cold as Antarctica. Everybody is afraid of him and he enjoys their fear. He changes his PA every week as he hates tardiness. Ahana Kapoor, only daughter of Ashar Kapoor, brought up with love...

  • A Mysterious Connection
    119K 6.1K 24

    Kabir Malhotra, a billionaire, lived a life full of love and luxuries. His life revolved around his family and business. Myra Goenka, an orphan, lived a life full of miseries and hardship until adopted by Abiram Goenka. She could do anything for her father, even marrying someone she didn't know. Myra and Kabir, two di...

  • Meant to Be?
    576 52 2

    I wish you told me From the start... We were meant to meet Not to last...

  • Meant to Be!
    303 29 2

    Your eyes tell me that you'll love me everyday. No matter what may come now, you're here to stay.. No matter what.. if you are supposed to meet and be together than you will! sequel to Meant to be? check it out guys.

  • Complete still empty...
    153 13 1

    It's not that always misunderstanding breaks a relation sometimes time plays a crucial role and slowly we fall apart of the person we loved most. We claim to move on but is that really true....? Do we forget the person whom we had loved from all our heart once or we lie to ourselves... A beautiful story of love and...

  • A Whimsical At Mussoorie
    2.8K 406 9

    Both had similarities between them and differences too. He was broken. She was too. She was strong. He was too. He was trying to move on but failing. She was too. She didn't have any hopes to date. Neither does he. And Their biggest similarity was that they were betrayed by the people whom they loved the most...

  • Finding my other half (Completed)
    583K 23.7K 32

    #2 - arrangedmarriage #12 - feelings True love stands by each other's side on good days and stands closer on bad days. Marriage stands the test of times when both you and your spouse work towards making things better. And we are tested the most when we face adversities. If you can sail through the adversities as one...

  • Falling for Him
    133K 7.1K 47

    "Did you love her?" I looked down not wanting to see the expression in his eyes. His warm hand gripped my chin and pulled it upwards. "Trust me Inaya, when I say this. You are the first and the last woman I'd ever love. You have no idea of the effect you have on me. The way you smile at the smallest things, the way y...

  • She's The One ✔
    65.3K 6.6K 48

    Ever wondered what will happen when exes cross the same path again? "You!!!" I looked at him shocked and stunned. What is he doing here? Please Lord don't tell me he studies in the same college. I prayed looking at the boy in front of me who had a mirroring expression as mine. "What the hell are you doing here?"He de...

  • The CEO'S Possession.✅
    729K 39.2K 70

    Shreya Kashyap- She is a 21 year old mass communication student. She loves her career line and is dedicated to it wholeheartedly. She studies in a prestigious college in Mumbai. She is very confident and sarcasm drips off her tongue. She is her daddy's little girl and the centre of her brothers existence. She has bee...

  • Agreement Marriage
    850K 37.1K 54

    Agreement Marriage, is a wonderful love story between two complex people. Radhika, a next door girl from a middle class family got married to an arrogant business man Arjun only for two years in an agreement marriage. Arjun is a man who has lots of dark secrets. Here their love story starts. Let's see how they both s...

  • Falling For My Husband
    1.2M 68.3K 57

    She is sweet and kind. He is rude and arrogant. She loves talking. He finds solace in silence. She is clumsy and fun loving. He is cold and reserved. She is beautiful. He is ruggedly handsome. She is his princess. He is her devil. Kiara Sharma, a 20 years old simple girl and Arjun Singhania, a 23 years old bi...

  • Falling, Fallen | ✓
    462K 25.2K 57

    ❝Not a guy who loves pineapple on pizza or prefers Pepsi over Cola! And certainly not someone who folds the page as his bookmark! Oh and make sure he does not use his phone at 100% brightness. ❞ Vidhi Kapoor had a clear vision of who she would choose as her husband. However, when Vihaan Malhotra walked into her life...

  • Mine Forever [Completed]
    10.4M 345K 58

    "Why did u punch him?" I asked in shock. "Why did you kiss him?" He asked me angrily. "What? I... but..he... " "Is he your boyfriend? Or Did he pay you to be with him?" He asked this annoyedly by interupting me. But hearing those words coming out from his mouth made me loose my temper. I went nearer to him and slap...

  • My Painful Love ❤️ (Published In Amazon)
    2.1M 26K 24

    "Why the hell did you tell them that you are my wife?" he whisper yelled at me. I stared at him in disbelief. "Answer me you useless" he yelled again. "They don't want me to say that I am their daughter and you don't want me to say I am your wife then what should I introduce myself?" I said to him in a...

  • His Reporter Biwi.✅
    1.2M 54.1K 81

    Excuse me!? .. What? Marriage? What marriage are you talking about?" I shouted. Shreya, you are being called. You start in exactly 1.5 minutes. Hurry up!" shouted Rahul, my colleague. Without thinking I started running out of my room and like a klutz I am, was about to fall down when a strong pair of arms caught me...

  • My Husband's Girl
    16.2M 561K 70

    Love is Sacrifice. ❝ I don't love you and I never will, because I love someone else ❞ Ian said to Alison, his brows touched together as he looked at his wife. ❝ Who is she?❞ Alison asked as calmly as she could trying her best to keep her demeanor straight, trying very hard not to break down in front the man she has...

  • MY BEST FRIEND'S BROTHER ✔️ (Completed)
    478K 24.5K 83

    Sana was eighteen when she had been properly introduced for the first time to Daanish Ahmed Ali, 22 years. And she developed an instant girly crush on him. Ten years later, working in London Sana gets an invite to her best friend's wedding where she meets Daanish once again. Does Sana still feel the same for him? Will...

  • I'm An Addict, And You Are My Drug ✔
    576K 52.9K 96

    He was aimless, she was determined. He was sharp, she was blunt. He had everything, she lacked most of the things. His nights were sleepless, her nights were full of dreams. He was rich, she was poor. He was an introvert, she was an extrovert. He was insecure, she was confident. There were many differences between the...