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  • Don'ts Of An Arranged Marriage
    18.6K 2.9K 39

    When Shaun Kim Lee, the twenty-six-year-old son of an ex-senator gets involved in one of the framed scandals, his parents decide to ignite a proposal to distract the media from ruining their reputation to ashes. Lee doesn't want to get married to a stranger. He has seen his friends fall in love and have their happily...

  • Never Tell Secrets (18+)
    22.5K 2K 21

    It wasn't over then. It isn't over now... Lola O'Connell has a new life, new friends, a thriving career. Her dreams are coming true and it's everything she has ever wanted, but there's one thing missing, Alfie Tell. Her dark, mercurial man is gone from her life, but not from her mind. Her heart burnt and her trust br...

  • Beyond the Lines - Vol. III
    114K 317 3

    This is the third installment of the Series of Lines. Find the first book, Between the Lines, and the second book, Below the Lines, on my profile. ***** While life seems hell-bent on keeping them apart, Andrea decides to fight for the man she loves. She is willing to do everything in her power to get Lex out of the he...

  • Lasting Effects (Sequel To After Effects)
    7.8K 382 11

    Months after meeting business mogul Mr. Riddian Remora, Katherine Harrington is still working for the gruesome bastard except he doesn't seem so gruesome anymore. Already the confidant for many of her boss' secrets, all that's left to conquer are the families and each other's hearts... But maybe they aren't too far of...

  • Future Dynasty
    16.7K 1K 23

    My name is Layla Kennedy and I'm the daughter of the famous Lyra Anderson and infamous Riker Kennedy. My life isn't what you would call normal. From the moment I was born I was given a choice. A choice that would set me up for the rest of my life. Do I take on my moms business Empire or my dad's Mafia lifestyle. Tw...

  • The Tattooed Prince 2
    356K 15.3K 75

    Sequel to The Tattooed Prince. Sebastian dark secrets start to haunt him.

  • Then There's Wilbur
    151K 8K 22

    At some point in time, Diana Coal knew she wanted to settle down. At some point in time, the guy who liked her because she reminded him of Wonder Woman, would mess up. At some point in time, she would've forgiven him if he didn't leave her for another girl a few months before their wedding. At some point in time...

  • No More Innocence
    39.2K 4.8K 31

    Two years. Two worlds apart. Second the chance. He wasn't returning to just play, this time around he was there to stay. And she could do nothing, but let him have his way. •••Sequel to Toxic Innocence•••

  • Worth Waiting For | Book #2 (ON HOLD)
    797K 27.2K 46

    Sequel • Worth Fighting For It is commonly known and spoken that time heals all wounds. But what they don't tell you is that those wounds remain, leaving behind a plastic film of torment and affliction with those subconscious memories nudging you like an old friend from the past. It can be four years. Four years of...

  • ONYX(unedited;1st draft)
    1.7M 69.1K 88

    "I don't want you either." I murmur, knowing he'd hear me. He did, and his body tensed, his hands balling at his sides. Of course, I was lying and of course I felt the same feeling in my chest like a knife stabbing at my heart. I knew, Dakoda knew, that somewhere in there, I would and will always want him, but I refu...

  • The Billionaire Is An Ice Queen
    201K 9.8K 50

    "I'll break down your walls one by one and sneak into the gates of your icy heart before crushing it into tiny pieces." He murmurs mercilessly as his lips lightly brush my ear, the contact eliciting an indescribable sensation through every inch of my body. The proximity is maddening and despite my unwillingness to sub...

  • Dear Little Deaf Boy
    1.6M 67.9K 85

    Jasper's voice was like waiting for a rain storm during a drought. You got excited when the clouds got grey hoping the skies would open and unleash the quench to your thirst. Even a cool breeze was a tease. And every time Jasper opened his mouth it was a tease. It was that single drop of water coming out a leaking fac...

  • Chaos High
    129K 5.6K 51

    Lyra Anderson had spend the last three years focusing solely on getting what she wanted. Now she was starting to make that mark on the world that she always wanted. Her fathers company was within her grasp and she would do anything to make sure it was in her grasp. The past though still lingered and it was for sure g...

  • Error 404
    13M 533K 72

    Rebel Simmons was just a girl who was dealt a shitty hand in the game of life. Despite her harsh and abusive upbringing, she worked hard, and studied harder. With an IQ of 252. she's a certified genius and is working towards her Masters Degree in Computer Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford University. When t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Alpha's Little Luna
    4.4M 113K 79

    "Tell me girl, why did you and your worthless self waltz into my territory?" An unfamiliar voice booms just before me. I keep my head down as my eyes begin to close. This is it, this is where my life will be ending. I always thought that it might be at the hand of my stepfather, but no. It's of some other guys who al...

  • A Lycan's Hybrid Mate
    1.6M 54.4K 57

    I felt deep heavy breathes fanning my face. I hesitantly looked up. 'Damn it Kage! You're a hybrid! Stop acting scared!' I mentally scolded myself. I looked up to lock gaze with a set of piercing bright honey golden eyes. Bright bluish-silver specks surrounding his eyes. I felt drawn to them. My eyes roamed his face a...

  • Luna
    1.7M 47.5K 106

    "All of these feelings, you've given me. So even this pain, I treasure."

  • Red Loving The Alpha
    2.7M 112K 67

    Infamous Red returned to the Blackmaw Manes with a new child growing in her womb and her mate by her side. The real threat only arrived when Red had grown into the witch she was destined to be. Laws were changed, the council was torn apart and families were separated. When other witches emerged from the oblivion, Red...

    Completed   Mature
  • Life in Hiding
    562K 37.3K 43

    Book 3 in the "Life in-" series Sage Forest Rhodes thought his entire life was planned out. That was before the love of his life flew home from college, slept with him, and then dumped him on his front doorstep at 2 a.m. Now he's alone, something he never thought could be possible with four siblings, but it's true...

  • Aftertaste (Sin #2)
    886K 36K 54

    Aftertaste, noun Af·ter·taste : persistence of a sensation (as of flavor or an emotion) after the stimulating agent or experience has gone There was once a time she was running away from her life, from people, from everything and everyone; running as far as she could. Now, she's running towards it. She's running towar...

    Completed   Mature
  • There's Venom In Her Kiss
    56.4K 3.8K 26

    1 in #darkromance Scarlett Avery wishes she were dead. 21 years on this Earth has proved to Scarlett that nothing is worth the pain of living. Ever since losing her brother, she has all but given up on life. She's reckless, impulsive, and determined to piss off her father until he stops bailing her out of her self-m...

  • Hide and Seek with the Alpha
    142K 3.7K 39

    The Alpha can't get, what the Alpha can't find. Especially when she's escaped him once before. ---- Aria is 17 years old, has no family, has a seemingly large secret and is being hunted by a power crazy Alpha. How much more ordinary can you get? After her parents, older brother and unborn sibling died in a house raid...

  • Life in Love
    1.4M 74.7K 50

    Book 2 in the "Life in-" series Ashton and Scarlett have been together for almost two years. Between kids, college, and the never ending chaos of life their bond has stayed strong. She's his sweetheart, his never ending light. He's her Prince Charming. Together they're invincible. But what happens when Ashton's past c...

    481K 18.4K 56

    I was always the odd one out, from my appearance to the bad luck always surrounding me and I never did complain. But when my mate openly reject me while my packmates laugh like it's a comedy show, I knew I got what I always wanted Freedom. Four years later and am back, but am no longer plain stupid Aurora but Dame Aur...

  • Below the Lines - Vol. II - ✓
    585K 62 1

    This is the second installment of the Series of Lines. Find the first book, Between the Lines, on my profile. ______ Heartbroken and miserable, Andrea is trying to get over the man she so desperately loves. Seeing Lex at work nearly every day makes it impossible to heal, but the idea of never seeing him again is even...

    Completed   Mature