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  • Chemical Attraction (Student/Teacher Relationship)
    1.7M 27.7K 26

    What would you do if you lost everything that ever mattered to you? When Phoebe Miller loses her family in a car crash, her answer is to simply close in on herself. She is too scared to get close to someone new, due to the fear of losing someone else important to her. Plagued by depression, harrowing nightmares and...

  • In Love With A Stripper.... Literally
    471K 4K 29

    "...I got on the stage and saw him. My body, mind, everything focused on him, only him. As my eyes locked with his, it was only the two of us in the room, oh heck on this planet, I thought. I saw his eyes widen as he took my appearance in, I smiled, locked his gaze with mines once more and started to dance…"

  • It's just a bet. (Narry boyxboy)
    260K 5K 12

    *NOT FAMOUS IN THE STORY* Harry makes a bet, not knowing that it will change his life upside down.

  • Love In The Trenches
    797K 20.7K 26

    Peyton grew up with four older brothers as an army brat. The army was all she knew, so now she's off to prove to herself she can become a great soldier like her father. Being a female in the army isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's what she dreams of. Meeting her platoon she soon finds out just how hard things wil...

  • Tammy's Tale
    419K 5.2K 42

    Tammy is a sixteen year old girl seeing her older brother's best friend - Adrian, behind his back. She learns the consequences, once she ends up pregnant and Adrian suddenly disappears, what will she do?

  • Enticing Him
    3.4M 45.7K 15

    [Warning! This story includes extreme mature content, MUST FAN TO READ AS MOST CHAPTERS ARE PRIVATE. >>Private chapters have been moved to 'Restricted Chapters for my Stories<<] Sasha Montgomery has been cheated on over and over again ever since her first boyfriend. Now she believes that the reason why is because sh...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bye, Bye Virginity
    25.8M 274K 28

    Stasee is your typical shy, quiet teenage girl until the night her brother’s best friend Damen Hurtz decides to finally acknowledge her existence. In a desperate attempt to gain his acceptance she allows him to take the one thing every girl values most…her virginity. After that night, Damen constantly begins acceptin...

  • Versus the World (competed. Slowly editing)
    65.8K 673 34

    A group of five young women have been best friends for years. Getting over their troubled past, they make their name and mark, as well as their money. Dealing drugs and running guns for a living takes them through a wild life. The girls are also werewolves, but are wholeheartedly against a pack as they blend into huma...

  • Illegal My Ass
    26.7M 584K 52

    Mia Hastings was never one to follow the rules. Her brother knew it, her best friend knew it. Everyone knew it. She lives for the moment, doing whatever she feels and thinking of the consequences later. Her main goal in life is to live it. Mia’s brother’s best friend Drake O’Connell was never big on rules. The jud...

    Completed   Mature
  • Enjoying the Chase (SAMPLE ONLY. PUBLISHING SPRING 2014)
    6.3M 51K 38

    **** THIS IS JUST A SAMPLE OF THE STORY NOW. ENJOYING THE CHASE IS BEING PUBLISHED SPRING 2014 SO I HAVE HAD TO REMOVE MOST OF IT FROM WATTPAD**** Nate Peters is a player. He has great friends, a great job, no responsibilities, no girlfriend and he LOVES it. He's never failed to get a girl in his life, that is unti...

  • The Art Of Seduction(Slowly Editing...)
    468K 8.9K 46

    I let a smirk take it's place on my face as I sauntered over towards him. He looked very amused, but I knew what I was doing. "I heard you're a player." I stated innocently, looking deeply into his cerulean eyes. "What's it to you?" his eyes squinted together as if trying to figure out my intentions. I rubbed my...

  • What's Behind Curtain Number Three?
    90.7K 1.3K 20

    Justice Knight is a spunky college student with a gay best friend, Henry, for a side kick. Or maybe it's the other way around? On the way to the bar planning to get wasted after bumping into her ex boy friend, she was dragged by a man to what was, for Justice, the insignia of everything that is shallow and stupi...

  • The Vampires Pet
    916K 16K 11

    Hallie is kidnapped and sold to a vampire as a pet. Basically she's his pet dog and food source all in one. Hallie hates him! He pets her and coo's at her. He feeds on her and takes away her innocence. When Sebastian loses someone very close to him he takes comfort in Hallie and the pair become closer. Hallie learns t...

  • The Vampires Mistress
    114K 1.6K 17

    Brooklynn Leigh Taylor is a normal girl. Well she tries to be but her grandfather always insists to look after her. On a Hen/Stag holiday to Italy, Brook meets Lucan; a gorgeous guy at a club who compels her every move. She wants him but she's afraid of him... of something about him. On the outside he's a dark haired...

  • For Hating Me You Sure Are Possessive
    44.8M 601K 64

    Logan is nothing like his brother Maver; Kara's best friend. He's straightforward, crude and just an over all menace. So, when Maver moves in with his brother, Kara isn't prepared for the trouble he starts to cause. With a complicated home life, a complaint worthy school atmosphere and Logan's added perviness Kara has...

  • The Guy Of My Dreams
    743 26 4

    Meet Katherine she's a shy girl and beautiful but she does'nt see it, she's been through a lot of pain and wants to forget about it, so she moves from New York to Alabama even do she loves NY she has to move or something bad is gonna happen, and when she moves to Alabama she thinks nothing bad is gonna happen,but what...

  • Self-Imposed Torture
    13.3K 107 4

    Allison Alden, a sixteen-year-old teen is forced to prostitute herself to survive. Her Dad is probably dead, and her mother has a disease that is slowly killing her. She only has two friends, Jason, the handsome security guard, and Sara, her co-worker. Could she find love in the cold, hideous, cruel world that is her...

  • My...Stepbrother? [boyxboy]
    5.4M 156K 32

    Hyperactive Kory is moving in with his mom, his new stepdad, and his stepdad's son. His sexy new stepbrother, Trace, takes an instant dislike to Kory. As Kory tries to get Trace to like him so they can get along living together, he finds himself becoming a little too attracted to his new stepbrother.

    Completed   Mature
  • envenoMATE
    225K 3.6K 36

    Life gets tragic when a were-snake claims his mate. Sweet Adina comes to love mysterious, brooding Daniel. She is pursued by a possessive, desperate Chester. Both men fight for her, which which will die for his love?

  • Abused by One Alpha Mate, Lied to by Another Alpha Mate
    1M 22.6K 19

    "You are mine and belong to no one else" he sneered in my face "You're wrong" I mumbled turning my head away "You are my toy and I use you when I want" he smirked "But you-I-I'm your mate! You're supposed to love me and care for me not fuck around with other girls and have me whenever you want!" I screamed. His smirk...

  • Forever Alina [Student/Teacher]
    2.5M 39.6K 42

    Alina Ortega lives a sheltered but simple life with her negligent mother. The girl has never been to school in the 17 years that she's been alive and has never had the means to. She has no idea who her father is but the parade of her mother's drunken, male clients trailing into her house are enough for her to know tha...

  • Forever Alina- One Shots
    54.8K 1.2K 7

    A six chapter extension of the original story where each chapter is narrated by a character other than Alina Ortega. The final chapter is a continuation of where the original story left off.

    Completed   Mature
  • Forbidden Fruit [BroxSis Part 2]
    254K 3.3K 31

    The official "Forbidden Fruit" sequel. (read the first book before continuing with this one or it may cause confusion) **INCEST ROMANCE

  • Eternity (BoyxBoy)
    148K 5.1K 18

    Sometimes, family isn't just blood. In fact, family is often created by spirit and memories. You don't have to be related to call that boy your brother, or that lady your aunt, you just need to have that connection. Giovannie has that connection with everyone, except his elder brothers. And perhaps he can accept tha...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unexpected Mates
    3.5M 49.4K 26

    'I watch his slow gaze travel over all of us until it settles on me. I also watch as his pupils dilate and his lips pull back, exposing his teeth as he growls out “Mine!” I don’t even have time to process what he said before the table he’s sitting behind flies to the side and he lunges forward. Jamie pushes me to...

  • Sweet Temptations
    354K 6.4K 17

    Selene Perez grew up around men who were controlling and overwhelming. Abused by her ex-boyfriend and mentally abused by her father, she gave up hope on all men. She didn't think they were worth a grain of salt and she was all but too happy to keep them out of her life. Despite being a bartender at Joe's Bar and strug...

  • Yes, I'm possessive but she's MINE!
    550K 7.4K 29

    I can’t believe I see my mate! She’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. I see her walking through town looking through store windows. I watch her long brown hair sway with the movement of her hips. I see those pouty red lips and the longing in her pretty green eyes. Once she’s my mate she'll have everything she...

  • Her Majesty's Dogs
    218K 3.6K 25

    Roxanna Richards, losing her father to cancer is hard especially when your mother abandoned you when you were 6 months old. How will she handle all of this. Accepting it and moving on? No. Roxanna tracks down her mother and, travels to another state planning on taking revenge on her mother for leaving them. But a...

  • Restricted Chapters <3
    41.5K 645 3

    Completed   Mature