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  • Quotes ♥
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    Hello there! Nice to see you here. In this 'book' I will give you a couple of quotes I like , because yeah.. I'm addicted to them! Most of them will be written in English , but there will be a couple of them in Dutch ( if so I will give you a translation ). These quotes will be about love , eventually depression , li...

  • a poem on you.
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    A poem on you - something like a heartbreak

  • Someone You loved ✔
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    |Featured in @wattpadshortstory| "I WILL KILL YOU!" I screamed, feeling too defeated and compelled but angry at the same time. "You can't kill me." He said, more like challenged. "Why?" I questioned, more like to myself. Why couldn't I kill him? He was a traitor, a betrayer, a kidnapper, and a killer who had killed...

  • Ishq By Safia Mahmood
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    Deeba was on a highway driving to her work. A stranger helps her when a bird gets stuck in her car grill and since then her heart flutters for the stranger like a falcon's wings Love has it's unique ways to cross two strangers paths or "highway" in this case. A tale of two people falling in love with eachother despi...