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  • My Family Vacation...
    258 12 12

    Amanda and her family are going on a huge vacation! Everyone is super excited, but will they make it?? Or will there family be forever torn apart!? ( This book has the same characters as my Thin ice book, but is not related to the Thin ice series, so if you haven't read tThin ice then you can still read this book!!)

  • When Disaster Strikes.
    266 20 20

    BOOK 2 TO THIN ICE. Amanda and her team prepare for the competition they have all been waiting for... The have practiced and practiced their routine, but will they move on or go home?

  • Thin Ice..
    304 22 17

    Amanda, has been ice skating since she 5 is now 14, when her ice skating teacher surprises them and enters a state wide competition.. But then disaster strikes and affects their ENTIRE team and puts there competition at steak...

  • Why Did This Happen?
    2K 90 15

    I always thought things happened for a reason. But this time I don't know why god picked this to happen to me. How will Carly be able to watch the kids and be a teenager. Second book after "Crazy Romance".

  • Crazy Romance!
    13K 249 21

    (Book is being edited) "I hope Ethan and I didn't get you in trouble with your Dad." Zach said with a faded smile. He started kicking his feet in the water. "My dad is just protective over me when it comes to boys. He doesn't want me getting hurt again." I pulled away from him so I could look at his expression. "Oh...

  • Hope for Rose
    1.3K 55 5

    Rose was abused for her family's mistakes. She is the pack slave and punching bag. Left scarred and with no happiness. Until Blake comes to join Rose's pack because of rouge attacks. Will he reject her like everyone else our will he never want to let her go.