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    What if Team 7 or Team Jinchuuriki , was a team of 12 yr olds who hold the 10 , 9 , & 8 tails plus they have the Sharigan user as their lazy sensei. Uzamaki Naruto , Haruno Sakura , and Uchiha Sasuke must show that just because they are Jinchurkki doesn't mean anything and they will have bonds that no one can break ...

  • Sneaky Cat
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    Adrien and Plagg gets into an argument. Plagg becomes overly zealous and flies away, only to bump into a certain someone. WARNING This is my first time writing a FanFiction, so it may be a bit Novice. Only reason why I decided to create this is because I'm bored... well and I've always...

  • A Sudden Situation 2/3✅
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    Marinette's secret is now out to everyone. Everyone including Hawk Moth. Now Hawk Moth is after her, and he will do anything to get ahold of her miraculous. On the other hand Master Fu has introduced a new girl that would be a new superhero soon, and it also turns out that the girl will be going to their school. It's...

  • No: a SoKeefe fanfiction
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    Sophie's pov: the sun came rushing through the gap in the curtains in my room in Havenfield. I groggily open my eyes and tiptoe towards my door. The gentle, even breathing of my- as Keefe would say- "army" of bodyguards reassured me that everything was fine. Everything is fine.

  • *+don't go breaking my heart+*
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    When Sophie and Fitz have their first argument, Sophie's not sure how or even if she can, mend their broken relationship. Now seeing a new light, her emotions start to blur and her heart is starting to draw to someone else. Then all of a sudden on a (rare) school trip, things go haywire.... (Unfinished and not finishi...