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  • Hush-Hush - a MCYT fic (DreamSMP & co.)
    6.5K 557 36

    When people get really, really dedicated to a cause, they can lose it. The rivalries, the friendships, the love, the heartbreak, the happiness, the fear... It can all really get to you. As Tommy walked into the building, he thought back to the best piece of advice he'd been given. "Don't get attached to a case." ⚠️THE...

  • Ellipsism
    37.9K 1.7K 6

    Ellipsism (n): sadness that you'll never be able to know how history turns out 22nd century. In the barren wastelands of Earth, soldiers and survivors fought to regain the life the mecha world stole from them, desperate to live to see the future. Some want to change their fates, others want the world to end, and some...

  • The Wilted Hunt (MCYT Element AU)
    59.1K 3.5K 30

    "Death elementals have been persecuted for years, ever since King Phil made his little announcement. So, why don't we pay him and the princes a visit. Let's give them a reason to be scared of us" Tommy is a fire elemental who looks up to his idol, the leader of the pvp arena, Technoblade. He wants nothing more than to...

  • Blindfolded (A MCYT Bird Box AU)
    52.4K 2.1K 5

    A weird phenomenon accurs in Florida. Wilbur and Tommy were on their way to meet up with the rest of the guys, still driving to the said location. Not before long, everyone around them would start driving crazy and random passengers would recklessly go in the middle of the road, causing them to get hit and die. The th...