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  • |-Connected-| {A Transformers Fanfiction}
    3.7K 51 6

    [Book One: Complete] Meet Light and Shadow; Rebellious, Loud, Energetic, Adventuous and Courgaeous. These two are known as the Hidden Twins, not only because they pop up in random places but because not many people have ever properly met them nor collected information on the pair. The rumors are that the oldest twin i...

  • The Parting Glass
    5.7K 135 28

    Follow Dawn Avalon Summers on her journey of love, pain, loss, and hardship. As well as some sparkling cuteness, and a slight hatred for rookies. I ONLY OWN DAWN/AVA AS WELL AS ARREIS, AND THE SPARKLING ORION(NAMED AFTER HIS SIRE) HASBRO OWNS MOSTLY EVERYTHING ELSE!

    Completed   Mature
  • These Paths We Tread (Autobot x OC)
    458K 11.3K 80

    Catherine Wolf has been friends with Sam Witwicky for as long as she can remember, and been in love with him for the past two years. Unfortunately, Sam has been in love with Mikeala Banes for even longer. To make matters worse, an alien race of transforming robots made of two factions-- Autobots and Decepticons-- from...

  • Fuckformers Animated 3.0
    192K 3.1K 46

    the third book of these cause wattpad keeps deleting them.)) requests closed for now)) tfa sins

  • Prime's Daughter
    218K 5.7K 46

    Optimus has a secret that only few Autobots know: he has a daughter. She's the only known Autobot to be able to use music or her voice as a weapon, so it's no wonder that Megatron and all of Prime's other enemies want her! Experimental story xD I wanted to see how I did with this! Bumblebee x OC