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  • On the Edge of Tomorrow
    2.5K 732 38

    The choices of youth can shape the lives of many. Focused on her future, Lily Turncott went to a concert for one reason: to end her dead-end relationship. Reveling in her success, she finds herself in a chance encounter with Billy Collins, a magnetic musician on the cusp of stardom. While the connection is instant and...

  • Something In Between: A Sequel to On The Edge of Tomorrow
    744 266 42

    "Don't be, just..." Billy struggled with the words. "Just stay with me. I know that this life isn't for you, but I couldn't imagine not having you in my life at all. When you call, I'll answer every time. Please answer when I call." "Always," I murmured. It felt like a dirty word that so much of me hated. "Always," he...

  • Better Than Nothing: Part Three of the On the Edge Series (Ongoing and Editing)
    16 0 14

    I had to walk away. It was the last act of love I could give Billy Collins. After ten years apart, Lily Turncott is the successful businesswoman she always strove to be; Billy Collins is a musician whose career keeps soaring. When tragedy pulls Lily back to the comfort of her old friends Mary, Tim, and Tess, Billy st...

  • The Cost of Falling
    1.8K 390 35

    Emma Cooper is the girl-next-door. She has the perfect boyfriend, sits at the popular table, and has a packed social calendar. Oh, and she hates every minute of it. She eagerly awaits graduation and the opportunity to burst from her suburban tedium until Danny Stevens inserts himself into her life. Danny defines himse...

  • Red Balloon: A Sequel to The Cost of Falling
    444 73 32

    It has been 20-years since Danny Stevens passed. While her friends have moved on and started families of their own, Emma Cooper is frozen in love. When an unlikely friend returns to her life, she starts to feel the thawing, but can she let him in, or will she continue to push everyone away? Maturity Level: Fade to bla...

  • Parlor Tricks
    1K 142 39

    Henry Carroll Jr., a once a prominent lawyer known for his honesty and empathy, is caught in a scandal when a woman is found dead and he is implicated. Unwilling to place the continued burden of the scandal on his family, he commits suicide. Hank, his teen son, is forced to grow up within the cold shadow of his once-p...