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  • Memoirs of a Worker
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    I have had a very eventful life. The stories that I post are from real events that I have witnessed. Some of them are quite humorous, some may be totally outrageous and shocking, but all of them are true (Most of the time, real events are lots better than fiction anyway). I hope that when you read these clips from my...

  • Adelaide in Ozghard, Book 1: Down the Rabbit Hole 🐇
    36K 2.6K 32

    Somewhere... down the rabbit hole, over the rainbow, and straight on till morning... there is a world beyond the one we know. It is a small island of life, an insulated bubble in a vast, frozen desert. These "Lasting Lands" are home to diminutive gnomes, gargantuan trolls, spellbinding elves, and a secretive family of...

  • Song of Alandra (Crucible of Heaven)
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    She always avoided standing out before, but when young Alandra is thrust into the middle of the war to purge the Urth of magic she can't hide her special gifts any longer. As the political attacks of the Purge turn into genocide of healers, sorcerors and any possessed of Elanic gleam, the great Web of Indra is weakene...

  • Persephone
    35.4K 2.1K 7

    A wife goes mad on the night of her marriage and her husband is left alone in an empty house. Filled with despair and longing, he sets out on a dream-filled voyage to find her. This text was written while listening to the first three minutes of Beethoven's Symphony No.7 in A major op.92 - II, Allegretto. In each secti...

  • (Re)Making Love: a memoir
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    When my husband of 21 years announced, "I need to live alone," I began to write this real-life account of what happened, a deeply personal telling of the good, the bad and the foolish. Come along with me. And get this: #Wattys2014 Winner: my thanks to all who have read, gone with me on this journey and Wattpad HQ! You...