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  • Toni and Tiki
    4.8K 159 24

    Two aged out foster kids are facing a homeless life on the streets of Chicago. Desperate for a place to stay, they approach a hypnotherapist who once treated them in foster care. Harry Garrick is reluctant to take Toni and Tiki in at first. Then he sees opportunity. He plans to use the young ladies in a radical experi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Aged Out
    8.2K 260 34

    18 year old Ebony Younger has aged out of the foster care system and has few options. To avoid a life on the street she must go live at a house for females such as herself. The house is run by an eccentric, wealthy benefactor. David Bluhm is not shy about flashing his money. He appears very generous at first but he h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Halfway
    3.8K 121 12

    Latoya Bowman has hit rock bottom. To avoid jail time she has to live in a halfway house. Little does she know this is no ordinary halfway house. Janelle Huntley is the young, magnetic director of N the Spirit Transformational Living. She is relatable, energetic, and has a magnetic personality. She is into healthy ea...

  • Cougar Ride
    2.8K 96 7

    Armond Hill is a handsome but immature college student. He finds himself an interesting summer job. He starts working landscaping for his very well moneyed, 40 something, female philosophy professor. It gets hot out here in the sun. Sparks fly. Can these two fight off their unmistakable attraction for each other? Oh...

    Completed   Mature