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  • Master Thief Shows You How It's Done
    5.4K 455 7

    Nebula is a Master Thief and in his mission, the planet where he was exploded before he can take off and died. He wakes up in the body of a thin young teenager name Alexander. Alex is an arrogant nobody who is trying so hard to climb in the society as a minor online celebrity but failed due to arrogance and having no...

  • <Farmer's Wife> (BL) continuation
    85.4K 5.7K 23

    The continuation of the story of Geo,a Gent(body of a man but can conceived baby) and Wally(his husband). Hopefully the chapters will not be rearrange weirdly from now on. Hopefully this will be a better choice to do. Thanks for reading it and sorry for the inconvenience. I tried not caring about the chapters in sha...

  • Eccentric In Apocalypse (Bl)
    128K 10K 48

    Time travel. This is unscientific and nobody can tell if it's true or not. But the Boy travel back in time before the whole Zombie Apocalypse occur. His Borther is gay and their parents are against their son's relationship with his gangster's boyfriend but in Apocalypse, he is the first--no,the only one who reach out...

  • Don't Yawn, My Lazy King
    106K 4.5K 18

    Dying at the age of 30 due to a natural calamity accident, transmigrated in a world with more high tech mech and a body of a handsome rich kid, receiving a space full of natural resources one country will drool over, this Lazy guy is not move even a bit. Yawning as if it is painful to even move. "Let's sleep." As he h...

  • Wealthy Man
    13K 1K 12

    After Gaming for 20 years, Sam, forgot how it feels like to be in the real world. In his dizziness and fatigue, he mistakenly killed himself in a traffic incident. He wakes up in the barren land. It is the world inside the game he knows more than his own backyard. Strangely, as a person who doesn't like physical labor...

  • Strange Naughty Rival (Bl)
    1.3K 80 1

    Cain lived a harsh life but since he is smart and diligent he got a free admission to a famous university. He learned that people are truly harsh and selfish. He was praised for being handsome, smart and diligent on the outside but was being laugh from behind. His only oasis in this school is the lovely and kind flowe...

    1.6K 71 5

    I CAN DO ANYTHING BUT I CANT HEAL Lee is picked up by a blind woman he was a baby. He grow up by her side and loves her. Lee is actually a reincarnated person from a world where everything is so advance and one of the thing he is happy about is the existence of magic in this world where it was only a dream from his pr...

  • A Child from Apocalypse Has no Common Sense (Indefinitely Onhold)
    4.2K 311 6

    Villin is a Businessman and everything for him has a value meter. A weird child who wore a wornout clothes covering him from head to toe save his very life. This child has no common sense at all. The child also says random stories that makes Villin heads spin and ache. "You mean you come from time of Apocalypse?" The...

  • Lost In Time
    19.9K 1.2K 25

    Xi is a World Known Cultivator that reaches half Immortality in his 500 years mortal life. Trying to reach the next level, he failed and found himself in a bustling street of L City where the crime rates are the same of its birth rates. How can a clueless man lives in a world that is so different from his own? After...

  • BEST ACTOR (Indefinitely Onhold)
    3.2K 306 12

    Seres Tiago is one of the Top 10 hottest young Male Actor in the previous Magazine ranking and even though he is new, he has been raking Commercials and good reviews yet he confess to the number 1 hottest young male Actor, Victor Diaz. His career has been going down to the drain and his manager is on verge of collapse...

  • Spoiled Brat Is Lonely
    2.5K 239 3

    5 thousand years later, the world is no longer the same as Mark remembers it. Being transmigrated to this new era, he was thrown into chaos and panic but his devil may care attitude save him. Fortunately, he is a rich kid who lives alone in a huge mansion so nobody will question his sudden change of attitude. After fi...

    401K 27.8K 99

    Kei is a teenage boy who has a good face but bad attitude. When his grandmother died, a man claims to be his father and 'forcibly' take him in. He then find out that he is half brother of two twin sisters who doesn't look the same at all as if they are not blood related and have two conflicting attitude but both irrit...

  • The Secret Door Of Austin's Family (BL) (Indefinitely Onhold)
    5.1K 325 11

    The Secret Door of Austin's Family Xavier left the province at the age of 16 and he only return for his father's birthday, some special holidays and also whenever he is free but he never forgot to call his father everyday to check up on him. His father refused to leave their family's home. Xavier tried convincing his...

  • Secret Door Of The Austin's Family (BL)(ver.2)
    9.5K 692 19

    All his life, Xavier thought that he is the only son of the family and his mother was dead. When he pricked his finger and his blood was smeared, the door leading to nothing opened and there's the other half of his family, just separated by a strange door.

  • The Most Random Guy Online
    3.7K 357 7

    The advance in technology made the it possible to really recreate the best gaming experience, a virtual reality game. Andrey is a serious guy who was told that is being too stiff and his attitude made it impossible for him to progress. He was ask to play a super famous virtual reality game Dream Land World. You can b...

  • Demon King Is a Loyal Wife of The Human Knight Commander (Completed)
    49.1K 2.8K 11

    Reincarnated from a Common Human from Earth to the child of the Demon King, Zenzur, bear the fate of his brethren in his shoulder the moment of his awakening. Always serious and strict his face never has a time of sheer jovial moment except when he rescued a young human child and give her the status of his future fian...

  • A Good Wife (COMPLETE)
    479K 21.3K 34

    The protagonist is a homosexual guy who is handsome, thick(muscular), and tall. But all of his relationship failed because of one reason.....they thought he wants to be the top but he never wants to top, he is a loyal bottom! Dying as virgin saving a little girl's life. When he opens his eyes, its blurred with blood...

  • How to be a Mother(BL)
    21.4K 975 6

    Denis ruined his sister and bestfriend marriage. His family abandoned him. His bestfriend refused to listen to him. He doesn't know how to raise a baby but he can only do his best.

  • Farmer's Wife (BL)
    505K 24.6K 41

    Geo is an assassin/murderer/killer. He is used to killing that he also become a symbol of death himself. He died in the most valiant way. Well, as an unfeeling man, death like that is not that bad,but he is not dead. And he wakes up to the noise of a crying baby. Where he is and what he is doing? It turns out he trans...