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  • Ultimate Despair (Danganronpa 2 x Male! Reader)
    57.8K 2.2K 16

    Thanks to the efforts of the future foundation and the survivors of the killing school life, Junko Enoshima's despair has greatly weakened. But one last thing stands in the way of true hope... The ultimate despair. AKA, Hope's Peak Academy's 77th class. A solution to that issue has been put into motion, but... what wi...

  • Ultimate Psycho (Danganronpa x Male!Reader)
    202K 6.6K 28

    You have been accepted into Hope's Peak Academy as the Ultimate Psychologist, but when you meet a certain despair obsessed girl and become trapped in a game where the only way to win is to kill one of your peers and get away with it, will you do to whatever it takes to survive?

  • Alternative Berseria The X (Male OC x Velvet Crowe)
    26.7K 2.6K 48

    As the Era of Asgard crumbles, the sins of the past stand poised to consume the world. Despair and Salvation must join together to forge a new road, or all shall be lost. What possibilities will such a union bring? Experience the original story of "Tales of Berseria" as Avernus Diphda; the self-exiled Shepherd of the...

  • Vesryn Pulse: Wrath of Xenon
    8.7K 651 134

    Long ago, the humans triumphed over the dragons, sealing them into human mortal bodies now known as dragonoids. The dragonoids became enslaved by the humans and use them as military weapons by the power of the Vesryn Pulse. With this newfound magic, mankind divided its empire to four and wages war against themselves f...

  • [Book 2] Gate Guardian - Song of the Frozen Soul
    7.5K 388 133

    Second Part of Gate Guardian - Song of the Frozen Soul

  • Gate Guardian - Song of the Frozen Soul
    43.2K 2.7K 200

    Since the beginning of time, the world has been the slaughtering ground of the Eidolons; mysterious beings from a parallel universe that contaminates the mind of the people to commit deadly sins. In an ambitious struggle to put an end to this evil corruption, warriors with extraordinary abilities; the Gate Guardians r...

  • Reincarnated As Alchemist II - World Scenario of Darkness
    52.5K 2.4K 33

    Ren's Adventure is still continuing. After he lost the last line of his humanity and becoming a dragon race for real. Even he had settled his problem with the Demon Lord of Envy, and a new problem arrived from the report given by Fianna. A new Demon Lord had started to make his move. At the same time, the church had a...

  • Reincarnated as an Alchemist - If i have no cheat then, i just have to make one
    2.5M 82.9K 200

    Tale of a Man who was reincarnated into another world as the son of a Saint but his birth was hated by everyone and he was forced to get a class that was seen as an unwanted class, Alchemist. Using his previous world's memories and his wisdom, he was struggling to survive and gained a stable life. Disclaimer: I don't...

  • Ever After High X Kamen Rider Zi-O (Male Reader Insert)
    139K 2.1K 38

    Waking up in a new land called Book End, where Fairy Tales co-exist, Y/N is Destined to become King, he will have to travel back in time to the past and attend school at the same time, what a rough school year this is gonna be.... REJOICE!!!! FOR THE BIRTH OF A NEW KING!!!!

  • Boku No Hero Academia X Kamen Rider Build: The Genius Hero (Male Reader Insert)
    282K 4.9K 69

    In the World of Heroes and Villains, Y/N L/N is a boy who was all alone, he has no parents, he did everything alone and he was fine with it... But what happens when Y/N encounters a cafe by the name of... "Nascita". This is the story of a Young Kamen Rider becoming 1 of the greatest heroes in the world!!!

    62.1K 1.8K 51

    To becoming a great hero! That's the goal of me! Y/n L/n Fangire! It's a tough and long one, but I'm gonna do it. And the first step is getting into the greatest hero school in Japan. Where the number 1 hero graduated from, along with thousands of other pros! UA! Once I get in there becoming a hero's gonna be easy. I...

  • 《Wakfu King of Cards》 [Wakfu X Male Reader]
    47.2K 1.4K 53

    The World of Twelve! A magnificent world full of Magic, Mystery and Action! Every race living in relative peace, but that's about to change when a young boy with a blue hat and his friends go on an adventure to the boy's family. A journey of Friendship, Family, Love, Time, Fate, Genocide, and Gods is about to begin.

  • 《The Grand Duelist King》On Hold [Original Yu-Gi-Oh X Male Reader]
    8.6K 286 10

    Duel Monsters! My World's most famous Card Game! It's played around the world and lots of people even get paid to win Duels in tournaments. Huh? You know this already? Who am I? Well I'm the Main Protagonist of this fine Story! My name is Y/n L/n Ryuki! What's special about me? I'm really lucky! Plus I'm a pretty good...

  • Kamen rider Decade X Animeverse
    25.8K 440 22

    The young man loses all his memory doesn't known his parents. After 10 years later, he worked the photographer living his adoptive grandfather and sister. But there is a world in danger. Tsukasa Kayoda chose our Hero as new Decade to traveled another dimension to save them. He is a Saviour or Destroyer?

  • Fairy Tail's Next Generation: Thrown Back Part 2
    47.8K 1.7K 45

    Nashi is back and ready for action! Still trapped in the past and 3 months after the destruction of the eclipse gate, Nashi returns to Fairy Tail with no memory of the past few months. The search for her friends begins and new adventures arise when Nashi and the gang are faced with Fairy Tail's toughest enemies. Part...

  • Fairy Tail Next Generation: Thrown Back
    146K 3.8K 37

    After being thrown back in time, Nashi Dragneel and her teammates witness the biggest fights and most memorable moments in Fairy Tail history. As the team interacts with their Fairy Tail family, they must decide what secrets should be shared and what should remain in the future. Throughout these fights, how far will t...