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  • Something About You
    22K 1.1K 41

    COMPLETE // may occasionally be updated with drabbles, etc. The first time Niall Horan fell in love, he was seven years old. Since then, Niall's life has been defined by a series of extremely fortunate events: getting through auditions for The X Factor, becoming part of One Direction, a slew of number one singles and...

    Completed   Mature
  • lost in the light {n.h ou}
    2.5K 110 5

    a (kinda) short story about late night drives, diners, jean jackets, eighties hits, a california girl, and a boy who wanted the world. ~a friends with benefits ou~

    Completed   Mature
  • The Ten Commandments of Fake Marriage
    5.2K 288 11

    Anna Katherine and Niall Horan have been best friends since their third year of college. They do everything together - endure Anna Katherine's overbearing mother, listen to their two best friends bicker every time they're in the same room, heal her broken heart after a messy breakup. They even live together. When Nial...

  • boundless as the sea // n.h. au
    618 35 15

    There's nothing Beatrix Madison finds as silly as Romeo and Juliet, but Niall Horan's a sucker for a love story-even though his own has gone off the rails. When he finds a letter from Bea's grandmother dated half a century ago in the wall below Juliet's balcony, he has to write back. He doesn't expect anything to come...

    Completed   Mature
  • in my heart // n.h a.u
    6.4K 260 10

    Val is certain she loves nothing more than Christmas. Her lipstick collection is a very close second, but once December hits, there is no chance in hell that she will love anything more than what she claims to be the best time of the year. What she doesn't love, however, is Niall Horan. Nope, she doesn't love him at a...

  • state of grace // n.h a.u
    1.3K 79 7

    "Are you sure this isn't going to affect your Uber rating?" Haley asks, though one hand sits quite high on his lap and the other grips his half-unbuttoned shirt. "Fuck my rating," he says breathlessly, his fingers toying with the hem of her shirt. "If I had it my way, you'd already be on my lap." A "just for tonight"...

    Completed   Mature
  • Kiss and Cry [ A Niall Horan OU ]
    22.7K 1.5K 32

    COMPLETED // Sanjana Kashyap is an Olympic level figure skater. Or, she used to be, before an almost career-ending injury at the U.S. Championship the year before. Now she's clawing her way back through physical therapy, trying to find a new partner for pairs skating, and focused on never trusting anyone but herself e...

    Completed   Mature