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  • Lion by heart [boyxboy]
    156K 6K 44

    August is a lot of work. He's slightly childish and has a lot of problems. Benjamin? Well he's just in need of a mate. Rotten summary, I know... Check it out? 乁[ ◕ ᴥ ◕ ]ㄏ ʕっ•ᴥ•ʔっ Enjoy! :)

    Completed   Mature
  • Thantophobia
    203K 9.4K 35

    *COMPLETED* Thantophobia (n.) the phobia of losing someone you love Rankings- #1 in mxm (5/28/20) #1 in manxman (7/12/20) #2 in boyxboy (7/16/20)

  • White Mane
    16.3K 998 26

    A lion shifter of werelion is kicked out of his pride when he reaches 18 because his inner animal reached sexual maturity. His father and mother both carried the recessive white gene even though they are tawny. As he is cast out Spiros' father instructs his son to find his pride although that has never been his priori...

    Completed   Mature
  • Hunger Unleashed [Man X Man]
    1.8M 54.8K 22

    Jean Broody vs. Bradley Jackson Dr. Jean Broody is a hot-headed, happy-go-lucky type of person whose world is filled with sex and merriment. He believes that people should not allow society to dictate how they must live their lives because life is too short. With a successful career, the love of his family, money, an...

    Completed   Mature
  • Her Dad My Daddy (manxboy) ✓
    259K 10.1K 25

    What happens when you realize the guy you're sleeping with just so happens to be your best friend's dad? Karter Thorn was a mess of a college student. For a time, his cousin Flynn was his only friend. He didn't get along with his family much and picked the college in a different state to get away from them. On his...

    Completed   Mature
  • Outcast
    393K 23.4K 24

    Life is unfair and cruel. That is at least what Lane has learned growing up in his haughty feline pride. Born in a society that preaches perfection and condemns any flaw, Lane is lucky to have made it past his childhood. He was the pride's biggest flaw, a cruel reminded to the arrogant shifters that even with their pu...

  • The Devils Toy [ManxBoy| BDSM]
    5.6M 179K 38

    The world has ended, humans no longer being able to live peacefully and freely as Earth becomes the land of Satan himself. Each year, a human is selected to serve the devil as his slave, being made to do anything he asks of them, no matter how cruel of a task it may be. Axel Jones is an 18 year old boy who, after lo...

  • The Dom's Law(MXMXM)
    170K 7.6K 18

    Handel John Law, or Law for short, is a professional pet sitter. Rich people paid him to babysit their pets at his house, or if they paid extra to have all his services to themselves for a period of time, at theirs. Law enjoys being around animals for mostly one reason; they don't judge him on his hobbies. He is a sub...

  • The Captive Titan [ManxMan]
    8.2K 1K 13

    ~Isolation breeds desperation~ Though the gods of the Greek pantheon gained their freedom months ago from a magical lockdown, a vow has kept their interactions with the other pantheons civil. Still, while calling a temporary ceasefire in a war is a great way for both sides to regroup and gather their strength, one mus...

  • Tethered Master Trent (MxM...xM?) | Random Updates
    199K 9.3K 19

    Master Trent is a certified Dom at the Blue Hedonism BDSM Club, but from his track record, you'd doubt his ability to refrain his pushy-handsy ways around Subs. With a bad reputation and a humiliating event this fateful night, Trent believes he's lost any chance of ever finding a Sub, especially at the Blue Hedonism...

  • Nightmare Wolves (MxM Polyamory Horror Fantasy)
    202K 12.3K 45

    Noel was just seventeen, almost eighteen years old when he was admitted into an asylum by his own father. The cause of such an act was a mere slip of the tongue when Noel's nightmares came to life. Fuel was added to the fire when Noel's school nurse told his father about the nightmare he asked her to keep secret. Wh...

  • The Asshole Of His Dreams (manxman|| #lgbt)
    358K 16.6K 22

    THIS IS A MANXMAN STORY. GET AWAY QUICKLY IF YOU DON'T LIKE. THIS STORY CONTAINS MATURE LANGUAGE ***×******** This is the quirky story about how Johnathan falls in love with his arch enemy Carter. Join them on their journey as Carter does everything he possibly can to get Johnathan to fall in love with him. Johnatha...

    Completed   Mature
  • SEDUCTIVE AWAKENING [Man X Man] (Savage Desire Book 2)
    792K 27.7K 14

    Philip Harrington vs. Troy Travis Stanton Troy Stanton has felt alone all his life although he lives in a large community of powerful warlocks. He has always known that he doesn't belong but he has nothing against the people he lives with. As far as he is concerned, they are his family. When a pack of wolves invade hi...

    Completed   Mature
  • Professor's Pet (mxb)
    1.1M 49.8K 45

    After his disastrous marriage, Aidan Demos swore he would never fall in love again. His love life reduced to one night stands spent tying random submissives to his bed. Aidan was determined to avoid romance and the drama that came with it, but the last thing he expected to break up his rhythm was a kid half his age. F...

    Completed   Mature
  • What It Means To Be Me
    713K 37.2K 22

    I was supposed to die when I was five but when my parents gave me the chance to run, I took it. I didn't understand much at the time except that I needed to get as far away from my old pack as possible, so I did. After living in the wild on his own for twelve years, surviving on whatever he could manage to catch or...

  • The Cliché ✓
    233K 5.8K 1

    The one where the seemingly bad boy falls for the apparent nerd - except it's a lot more complicated than that. - Copyright © 2013 Viano Oniomoh All rights reserved.

  • Untethered ✓
    94.7K 6.6K 21

    Isaac Kirk's world comes to an abrupt halt when he finds out his Soulmate Mark isn't identical to that of Jamie Ryan's; his best friend and the guy he's been in love with all his life. Isaac's mark is also in COLOUR, which is an even worse fate, because it's rumoured that people with coloured marks don't even get to h...

    Completed   Mature
  • { #1 } I Was Shooting For The Moon, I Hit Two Stars (MxMxM || 18+)
    3.4M 116K 69

    Black Moon Series Book #1 Warning: Mature content, graphic language, gay, polyamorous French food is my healthy pleasure. Sex is my stress-relief pleasure. Threesomes are my guilty pleasure. Born the single child of the most open-minded parents, I bathed in cooking ever since I was a child; now I own several restauran...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Feathers - Magic Kaito
    63.2K 5.6K 100

    [Book 1] Due to an unfortunate encounter with a magical gem, Kaito grows wings. Deep black ones. Humans don't have wings, fearful of being experimented on or captured by a cult, he hides them. Even from his mother. He hates his wings. Kaito's strange behaviour attracts a certain detective's attention. ALL CHAPTERS ARE...

  • Taming Beasts | MxM | Petshop
    202K 9.5K 27

    Abandoned because he is too difficult, Moondrop has been rotting away in a cage. He despises humans and their very inhuman treatment of pets, so when he's eventually bought by Vince Ross, he's not looking forward to it. Then again, he has never looked forward to anything in his life. - First chapter was published on t...

  • La Maison 1: Colors (manxman)
    113K 6.1K 49

    La Maison de la Douleur speaks of quality. Success comes easy to the men who enter as Dominant players, surrounding themselves with submissive beauty. They don't need to settle down when there's always new fun to be had. Gray used to think the lifestyle was made for him, but he isn't so sure anymore. But he's even les...

    Completed   Mature
  • A World I live In (BDSM|ManxMan) A World Series: BOOK ONE
    1M 43.7K 25

    "Your mine Lexi. Your mine to f*ck, your mine to suck, your mine to love. Your inner demons should fear me, they should tremble in my presence. You want to know why? ..... Because your mine, I own you, body and heart. I'll f*ck you to the Earths core, I'll punish you to my pleasure. I'll show you the world, my world...

    Completed   Mature
  • Chosen King
    29.2K 2K 30

    *RATED M* *Ongoing and slowly Updating* Charlie Antonio Skye, a young 21 year old New Yorker with a normal life. Well... Not so normal. Being a were-cat, is definitely not normal, and what makes things worse, is that he is not a "normal" were-cat. He's a Chosen. What gonna happens when he find out he's a king after a...

  • Crimson Summer
    5K 319 10

    Tora never asked to be the omega and he certainly didn't ask for three mates. *** As the weakest member of his house, Tora has always been a lone wolf. He's never been the smartest, the bravest, or funniest and is bullied until the last day of summer before the new school year starts when he's thrown off a cliff into...

  • MATE
    29.2K 1.3K 19

    ask yourself what would happen if you put an abused and innocent boy who knows nothing about the world and make him the mate of not one but three men who have done just about everything you can think of. Meet Rose he is a young boy who lives with his aunt and her mate and children. Meet the twins they are the...

  • The Bad Boy, The Model, and The Nerd (BxBxB) COMPLETED ✔
    6.1K 182 21

    Francis Woods is in love with Troy Gallagher, the baddest boy he knows. He's been said to have slept with every girl, he does what he wants when he wants, and he doesn't listen to anybody. Blake Y'Terian, a flirty basketball player and Instagram model, transfers to the school and instantly falls in love with Troy. F...

    Completed   Mature
  • The G.A.Y.S {bxbxbxb}
    3.8K 196 6

    One Shapeshifter. One Dragon. One Vampire. One Demon. Four completely different species. Four completely different people. Well, the gods obviously didn't care when they paired the four up. Now they have to figure out how to love each other before they break one another. - Beautiful cover by: @Alyssa_Evangeline

  • Evil Doers
    3.9K 321 38

    Dorky and Serious really don't mix. So what happens when Detective Dorky- sorry Detective Di'Amore, the most bubbly and happiest detective you could meet is partnered up with Detective Serious , also Known as Detective Blake. They've hated each other since the beginning, but putting these two on a case together may ha...

  • The Phoenix's Curse
    5.9K 217 15

    Elliot a small shy boy being bullied for 3 years since freshman year moves one unexpected day from the big city to a small quite town changing school's and trying to fit in. Wanting to have a normal life and make friends and possibly start over in a town where no one knows who he is, until he meets a tall handsome man...

  • Polyamorous Mates
    17K 472 8

    Three Alpha's. One Mate. What will happen!? When an unsuspecting Jaxon goes to his first Mating Ceremony for when he is finally if the age to meet his Mate, he was not expecting to meet his Mate. Let alone find out he has the three strongest Alpha Triplets as his mates. The reason for them all being Mates is somethin...