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  • Phenomenon (Dadzawa)
    103K 4.2K 47

    *Book 2. The first book is called Occurrence and I suggest you read the first as this book is a continuation of that one* Izuku Aizawa-Midoriya has been taken. He saved his best friend but sacrificed himself in the process. Now faced with a monster from his past, will he be saved or will he be dragged down by his past...

    36.7K 1.4K 13

    Things are starting to get heavy for the Aizawa-Yamada clan as things go ultimately wrong. However, with Yagi miraculously coming back to life, hope is there that things will be getting better. Read You Are Protected to find out the rest! This is the third book in my 'You Are' series. Thank you for reading! Started...

  • The Blind, Quirkless Hero: Zero
    9.3K 333 4

    No one is equal, no matter what history tells you. I for one am blind and quirkless, I aspire to be a hero, after it was announced my mother turned her back on me. My father has never been in my life, and the rest of my family is dead or absent. I trained myself in multiple self-defense techniques and parkour. I don't...

  • The Oppressed (on hiatus)
    8.4K 296 15

    It's an era of heroes. Quirks, or superpowers, were everywhere. Izuku had no quirk. His parents were dead. He lived in a dreadful foster home where he shared a room with 3 other children, all younger than him. But even so, he still dreamed of becoming a hero. He idolized those who protected others, but was it possible...

  • Occurrence (Dadzawa)
    575K 19.5K 57

    When tragedy strikes and Izuku is left motherless, he runs away from home hoping to find a safe haven. He bumps into the pro hero Eraserhead believes he is safe only to find out years later that his past is trying to catch up with him. Will he be able to escape? Or will he be chained down by his shadows? * Art Work us...

  • He Deserves to Know
    14.8K 589 4

    Aizawa becomes increasingly suspicious of Izuku after he develops a second quirk--and one that has nothing to do with his original strength augmentation. To prove his innocence, Izuku builds up the courage to tell his teacher something he should've from the start. He tells Aizawa about the existence of One for All.

  • The "Quirkless" Boy (Dadzawa)
    175K 4.9K 27

    Izuku Midoriya always thought he was quirkless until aman named Overhaul kidnapped him. He turns out to have a quirk, rewind and Overhaul wants to use it. Can the heroes save him before it's to late? *I do not own My Hero Academia or any of the characters used! The series belongs to Kohei Horikoshi and if you haven't...

  • What Did I Do To Deserve This? (On Hiatus)
    113K 1.9K 10

    A few months after the fight with Overhaul, everything seems to be going great for Izuku "Deku" Midoriya, but that all changes when he is wrongfully convicted of a crime he didn't commit and is sent to Tartarus. P.S. All art used in this are not mine and owned by it's respected creator or creators P.P.S. I apologise i...

  • I'm Not Weak!
    193K 4.6K 23

    Izuku Midoriya has gone through teribble thing as a child. Those things result in him being cold, distant, and kinda sassy. Read to find out more!

    54.3K 1.9K 10

    ❝Deku you never talk about your parents.❞ Izuku Midoriya didn't really talk about his parents, and he wanted it to stay that way. Until one day when he couldn't avoid the topic. ーTrigger Warning(s) ーShort Story - Hiatus

  • The Glitching Quirk
    166K 4.2K 15

    During his deadly meeting with the sludge villain his 'quirk' manifested suddenly, Though the cost is questionable, Would you exchange emotions for the power to be able to be the strongest thing in the universe? (PICTURE IS NOT OWNED BY ME) (My first fanfic, Feel free to criticize)

  • IM Not You!
    125K 2.8K 32

    All Izuku want is to be a hero. Someone who can support and help makes dream a reality. But what would he do if he was suppose to be "quirkless"? What choice will he make if people around starts to lose faith in him? Will he still want to a "Hero" or will he be a "Villain" ? Follow Izuku as he makes his choice in a...

  • -Why am I still here?-Suicidal Izuku\katsudeku
    140K 4K 28

    "Why won't you shut up! I know how to control my quirk, it's mine for goodness sakes! From what it looks like you should be studying yours! Just go! Go home! Go do whatever you want! Go die! I don't care! Just stop bothering me! _________________________________________ If you don't do good with suicidal stuff, don't...

  • Swan Dive
    565K 23.9K 24

    Swan Dive Summary The Slime Villain Incident, and the events leading up to it happen one year earlier. Izuku, broken and lost in the face of All Might's words, decides to take Kacchan's advice. But a familiar Underground Hero won't let a young life end so quickly. How will a simple right-place-right time scenario chan...

  • Off balance
    122K 3.3K 32

    Izuku was abandoned by his mother for having a dangerously strong quirk. A few years after being adopted by Shota Aizawa, Izuku loses a part of himself in an accident. How will he handle this sudden change? Read to find out~ It's not a shit book, I promise Regular updates Number 1 in Dadmic October 2020 #1 StrongDek...

  • What a Tragedy
    81.6K 3K 22

    Izuku has lived his life alone since the ripe age of four. Or at least he wishes he was completely alone. His mother leaves him to the streets to pursue better opportunities and he wanders around looking for a home. He finds one, but it's not the kind he wants. Years later he walks through a portal under the control...

    Completed   Mature
  • Worthless Necessity [HitoZuku]
    1.9M 112K 183

    Quirks aren't everything in this world, nor is your family status. Animals with quirks are pushed away, merely because they're animals. Nezu? Heck, he's so smart, everyone's scared of what would happen if they got on his bad side. Half the society, at the very least, still think that he's just an animal. Warnin...

  • Immortal Curse
    245K 7.6K 32

    Depressed Deku, unkillable, Immortal. What is he going to do with a power he doesn't want? If he doesn't find a use for it. Others might find one for him. A prize. Broken constantly mended and broken again? How is he going to cope with the fact everyone he knows is going to die? His loved? His family? How is he goi...

  • Secrets
    77.9K 3.2K 10

    THIS STORY IS BEING REWRITTEN IN "More Than One Mind" :) feel free to read this version too tho <3 Izuku Midoriya was a 14 year old boy that lived in an orphanage. Everybody thought he was a freak and avoided him. He muttered full conversations with the air and it always seemed like he received answers. When he was...