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  • Night Of Knives
    129K 4.7K 41

    Veronica Kelly came to Africa to start her life over. Still reeling from her divorce, she is grateful when a handsome stranger invites her to join a tour to visit gorillas in Uganda's wild Impenetrable Forest. A trip that goes desperately wrong when their group is captured by brutal gunmen. Then one tourist is execut...

  • Dark Places
    733K 15K 27

    An acclaimed, award-winning thriller, published and translated around the world, now freely available on Wattpad. Paul Wood is a modern vagabond, a man who chooses to leave the comforts of San Francisco to spend months backpacking through some of the world's most challenging terrain. While hiking in the Himalayas, Pau...

  • The Blood Price
    21K 1.7K 28

    Sequel to the award-winning DARK PLACES. Paul Wood was just a tourist in Sarajevo. Then an unexpected encounter made him a desperate woman's only hope of escape. Now, to get her to safety, he must find a way through the minefield of warlords, criminals, and peacekeepers that is postwar Bosnia. Pursued by brutal gangst...

  • Invisible Armies
    1.6M 9.4K 44

    In a world where security cameras prove what you have done and databases define who you are, the few who know how to manipulate the technology can play God. They can change the future; they can alter the past. They can make big money, they can save the world, and they can get away with murder over and over again. Dani...

  • Natalie's Diary
    1.8M 93.8K 42

    When Jane Madarang's neighbor Natalie kills herself and leaves behind cryptic instructions, it's up to Jane and her classmates to unearth deadly secrets. ***** Natalie Driscoll is dead. She threw herself out a window and left her neighbor Jane to u...

  • Paradise Thriller
    113K 3.3K 54

    Alison's sister disappeared filming a reality show, so she goes undercover as a contestant, discovering that in some cases reality tv is all too real. ***** Alison's sister disappeared while shooting a Survivor-style reality series, so when the sho...

    1.8M 73.4K 55

    The crash of a Dallas-bound jet wasn't just a tragedy to TV reporter Avery Daniels; it was an act of fate that handed her a golden opportunity to further her career. Mistaken for a glamorous, selfish woman named Carole Rutledge, the badly injured Avery would find that plastic surgery had given her Carole's face, the f...

  • To New York's Attorney | Completed
    59.7K 7.4K 45

    "Was his DNA on the weapon?" Silence. "It's his gun right? He'd pulled the trigger right? Was Terrence Gresham's DNA on the weapon?" He ran a hand through his chestnut hair. "Maybe you're right, maybe we shouldn't think about Monday, but remember one thing, If Terrence dies for a murder he didn't commit, I will never...

  • A Brilliant Plan
    435K 25.4K 50

    Just a regular job.... Get in, crack the safe, fetch the diamonds. That's what hobby cat burglar and acclaimed jewelry maker Calendar Moonstone has aimed for. Instead she finds a dead body, meets a handsome Detective, has a nosey insurance investigator on her tracks and manages a complicated boyfriend situation. And m...

  • The Detective
    182K 6.7K 21

    With eleven missing women to find and six high-profile burglary cases to solve, the last thing Detective Nathan McNamara needs in his life is one more complication. And that's exactly what his recent one-night stand is becoming-complicated. With his heinous lieutenant breathing down his neck for answers and his accide...

  • Hidden Truths|✓
    174K 10.4K 23

    When Olivia Parker is found dead at a high school party gone wrong, it seems obvious who her killer was. Wesley Owens was found next to her covered in blood. Obviously, he did it. The question was why. With the entire senior class attending the end of the year bash, it shouldn't have been that simple to get away with...

  • Delayed Diagnosis {Book 1 of the Rex Obasi Trilogy}
    4.7K 923 67

    Rex Obasi was just an average banker struggling to deal with his fiance walking away after eight years. In a crazed moment of greed, he steals valuable documents worth millions but there's something else; a piece of paper containing coordinates he doesn't understand. When the coordinates lead to a deadly human traff...

  • Inspector Rames
    231K 24.7K 73

    Four murder mysteries. One epic romance. England, 2185. Detective Inspector Amber Rames is investigating murders in the futuristic city of Socrico. She loves her job, has a cat for company, and if in doubt can always turn to chocolate. The only thing she's missing is a kick-ass partner. When a marriage of step-sibling...

  • The Runners
    194K 7K 28

    [2020 Watty Award Winner] After the first Pandemic, the only safe place from the infected is behind walls. Only a few brave souls risk going beyond them to trade for their city's survival: the Runners. ***** Extended Summary: 400 years after the first Pandemic season destro...

  • Ripples
    649 171 22

    |ONC 2020| The ripples in another world, not our own, beckons the life of an expeditionist venturing in the ice. Ben is investigating a phenomena involving disappearing bodies when he stumbles upon a way into a new world where water is the only surface and humans have adapted to the marine environment. It seems he's b...

  • The Devil Wears Okrika
    32.5K 7.2K 45

    Young maidens are being raped and murdered in Amaife. The killer always leaves behind a souvenir: A torn piece of 'okrika' clothe. The once peaceful community is thrown into chaos; the masses are provoked, the elders are clueless, families are scared and the gods of the land seem powerless to stop the murders. A young...

  • Truth or Death?
    88.4K 8.4K 38

    When senior students at Lincoln High start receiving the same deadly text message, it falls upon Helena Gallagher and an unlikely companion to solve the mystery and catch the killer. •••• High school student, Helena Gallagher is a murder fanatic. A devoted admirer of all things mysterious. Always watching crime docume...

  • Revealed (Book 4, the Redemption Series)
    16K 435 51

    When the biker gang calls in a Jake Bryant's debt, he has no choice but to hunt down an old friend by any means necessary and retrieve their stolen drugs, even if it cost him the woman he loves. ***** After avoiding the inevitable for as long as pos...

  • Return (Book 3, the Redemption Series)
    17.6K 757 51

    After a great loss, Jake Bryant finds himself in Las Vegas. To fill the void in his heart, he searches for a woman's missing daughter and finds more than he bargained for. ***** Two years after his daughter was abducted, Jake Bryant is drawn to a w...

  • Regret (Book 2, the Redemption Series)
    39.2K 1.5K 56

    When Jake Bryant's daughter is kidnapped for ransom, he's forced to gamble with her life in order to discover which of his enemies has taken her hostage and to what end. ***** When Jake Bryant learns his daughter, Sam, has been caught abusing prescr...

  • Revenge (Book 1, the Redemption Series)
    139K 5.3K 51

    Jake Bryant, a disgraced Chicago detective, inserts himself into the police investigation of his murdered best friend to protect the woman he loves - his friend's widow. ***** Jake Bryant, a disgraced Chicago PD detective, rushes home after he learn...

  • Reckoning (Book 5, the Redemption Series)
    37.7K 588 52

    Old secrets come to light, and Jake Bryant must stop the criminal mastermind who orchestrated the murder of his best friend from killing his new family. ***** A mere three weeks before his wedding to Mary Morgan, Jake Bryant is confronted with horri...

  • Dead If You Do
    746K 47.8K 55

    A campus thriller: suspense, murder & one handsome roommate. ***** When Haley Bell is offered a scholarship to study at the exclusive Woodcreek College, famous for moulding the world's brightest thinkers, politicians and entrepreneurs, she jumps at...

  • The Term Sheet | Wattys 2016 Winner
    118K 6.8K 54

    2016 WATTY AWARD WINNER - HQ LOVE THE TERM SHEET is a fast-paced technothriller about entrepreneurship, startups, encryption, and the delicate balance between national security and individual privacy. Its complex characters explore thought-provoking questions about the role of technology in an ever-changing society. S...

  • Big Data: A Startup Thriller Novel
    243K 18.7K 90

    If you think artificial intelligence is dangerous, then you don't know the real threat to humanity's future... Luna Valencia is the founder of the hottest artificial intelligence startup in history. She's about to become incredibly rich and powerful. But just when she's about to take her company public, her world begi...

  • On Earth's Altar [preview]
    77.7K 1.2K 9

    The discovery of a prehistoric body sets in motion a cataclysmic chain of events long prophesied by mystics. . . . Still grieving his mother's death, Seattle bachelor Peter Barshman receives a cryptic message from his estranged father. As he ponders its meaning, he is approached by Nechama Davila, a young Israeli arch...

  • Calling Mr. Nelson Pugh ✔️
    8.3K 705 19

    Mr. Nelson Pugh suffers from crippling anxiety, which is only exacerbated when he travels. So when on his latest business trip he receives an unusual series of calls from his wife, Eleanor, his anxiety gets the best of him. At first, giving in to his own self-doubt, he attempts to cast aside his growing fears as anoth...

  • Running With Scissors
    252K 14.4K 44

    Diagnosed with a terminal illness, Peter Katz hires a hitman to take him out. But when a cure is discovered, Peter's got to outrun the assassin to stay alive! ***** When douchebag lawyer Peter Katz gets diagnosed with terminal cancer, he wants to die painlessly. Still, death seems to elude his every attempt, so he hir...

  • Down Came the Rain | ✔️
    268K 14K 39

    Hudson Caldwell is being stalked - but the cops won't believe her. It's up to Hudson to stop this scripture-driven madman herself. ***** Hudson Caldwell, despite her innocence, knows that someone is following her. The police won't take her seriously...

    Completed   Mature
  • Rags to Riches
    359K 14.1K 38

    Teagan Carter was going to wait it out until Oliver Bartholomew, one of the richest men in America, stopped sleeping around with her underaged best friend. However, when said best friend slowly starts showing up to school with expensive jewelry and a new car, she becomes concerned that maybe this is not about to end a...

    Completed   Mature