ChristinaRose4's Reading List

  • Silver Stars (After Breaking Dawn)
    78.1K 1.1K

    Breaking Dawn was 6 yearsa go, what has happned since? Are the Cullens still one big happy family? -Serious editing needed- Copyrights to JazzyWriterxxx ©

  • Twilight Breaking Dusk - Book 1
    2M 21K

    [This is a Breaking Dawn continuation story] After the Volturi had left my family and I in peace we planned to live happily ever after. Only, to live happily...

  • Twilight Saga Twist Extras
    32.3K 220

    Extras Content: -Edward's POV for only the first 5 Chapters. (Drafts) Chapter 1. First Time Chapter 2. Frustration Chapter 3. Denali Chapter 4. Home Chapter 5...

  • After Breaking Dawn: Renesmee's Story
    7.7K 22

  • The twilight saga:Young Love Forever
    24.7K 284

    This is five years after breaking dawn. What I think might happen to Jacob and Renesmee. There's drama tears and happiness throughout

  • Numb But Moving
    82.4K 1.6K

    Edward left Bella; the one person who was healing her pain, Jacob, shunned her. Bella is then turned into a vampire. Years later, she runs into the Cullens aga...

  • My Version of Twilight book 2(slowly editing)
    42.4K 328

    Well it has been six months since me and Edward and Tay and Jake have been married. We are very happy and well there is going to be all kinds of surprise and s...

  • Black Waters. (Sequel to Just A Cullen Story) (On Hold)
    • R_Doster
    • 2 Parts
    • Updated May 24, 2012 12:29AM
    824 7

    *Introduction* Bella and Edward, along with Nessie start the next chapter of their lives, by traveling around the world. This is due to Bella, when she al...

  • Sun Kissed Dawn (A Twilight Fan Fiction) ON HOLD
    45.3K 599

    What would have happened if Bella couldn't decide between Edward and Jacob after Edward came back? What events would happen during that time before Bella final...

  • A terrible childhood(a renesmee cullen story)
    8.1K 47

    it is about were her father edward disagrees with everything that bella and renesmee say so when renesmee grows up Jacob is all she got.............but then th...

  • Bella Is A Badass! Take That Edward!
    177K 2.5K

    Bella is back and she is one ticked off vampire. Going to Volturi she meets the Cullen family again and ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!! Edward desperatly want her bac...

  • What Happened After Breaking Dawn: My Story
    2.2K 10

    Everyone who loved the Twilight Saga Series has their own way of showing disappiontment with the fact that there are only four books. In my case, my brain cont...

  • The Other Gemini (Years after Breaking Dawn)
    • Scythe91
    • 3 Parts
    • Updated Nov 06, 2010 03:58AM
    4.7K 29

    Four years after the birth of Reneesme, the Cullens still remained in Forks because of Charlie's request and Jacob. The family kept the facade that Edward, Bel...

  • 2 Years On ~ After The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn
    8K 88

    What is going through Bella's mind 2 years on? Has she adjusted to her new life style? This is something I've come up with from what i think Bella would be fee...

  • Destined- Twilight fan fic
    21.5K 239

    After all the troubles Renesmee has finally survived what no-one thought she would. Now Sixteen, her life is now complete with her full Family, the Wolf's and...

  • Morning Star (continuation of the twilight saga)
    • casey_27
    • 22 Parts
    • Updated Jul 06, 2012 06:27AM
    52K 250

    This is a continuation of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight books. It tells about Renesmee's life as she grows and her relationship with Jake. Other problems with u...

  • Renesmee Carlie Cullen's Story
    3.7K 35

    Renesmee Carlie Cullen is lost in a world of secrets and lies. She has grown up with her grandmother, Renee, in a broken home since she can remember. Yet, she...

  • Final Dusk
    3.4K 34

    After The Olympic Coven fights against The Volturi, everything is lost and Renesmee and Jacob are forced to flee. (Sequel to Breaking Dawn.) NOTE: I do not own...

  • Bloodlust
    • Ashleighx
    • 15 Parts
    • Updated Oct 15, 2010 10:48PM
    6.4K 37

    What's life like for the Cullen's after the Volturi incident? Who's looking for the Cullen's? Who has a secret brother? Why is there a new unwanted member to t...

  • Sister Strifes
    49.6K 604

    What if Bella Swan had two daughters? One was the exact replica of her from the story, Nessie, but the other was an outsider. She doesn't look or act like th...

  • Vanishing Sun (A Twilight Fan Fiction)
    141K 2.8K

    ~Warning- This story has abuse in it. If you can not handle reading about someone being abused then do not read~ Bella is forced to go live with her Aunt and U...

  • Trust Me (A Jacob/Edward friendship story)
    182K 1.5K

    'Trust me' takes place at the end of New Moon, and is compatible with the world Stephenie Meyer created except that vampire venom does not kill a wolf. So when...

  • After Breaking Dawn
    1.6K 13

    this is what I think could happen after the twilight series to Edward, Bella and family.

  • Breaking Dawn Continued
    • Kariiixxx
    • 4 Parts
    • Updated Jan 04, 2011 06:18PM
    1.9K 18

    This isnt like the other continuations..........At least i dont think it is!! But after reading 20 continuations i think they all have the same plot but this o...

  • Starlight
    7.6K 92

    A few years after Renesmee was born, the Cullens' start to notice multiple killings in Seattle. But what they don't know is they aren't dealing with vampires...

  • Sunrise: After Breaking Dawn
    16.1K 367

    This is an After Breaking Dawn story that I always thought of and converted into a book. It reflects Jacob's and Renesmee's relationship and also the Cullen's...

  • Addicted... (A Twilight Fanfic)
    6.3K 97

    Edward is in Forks High and completely addicted to drugs and alcohol. He cannot let his past die and it keeps him looking for anything that will allow him to d...

  • Renesmee C. Cullen
    6.6K 31

    When Bella's daughter, Renesmee goes to live with Charlie for high school. She meets a girl who's a vampire also. Soon someone is after Renesmee. The Volturi...

  • Morning Light
    4.4K 109

    We left the Cullens happy. No one was attempting to kill any of them in any way. Renesmee was safe with a future with Jacob. Everyone was back together at home...