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  • Sunshine • DenNor
    1.7K 139 1

    Mathias is bored. Lukas isn't. Mathias has a tiny-or-maybe-not-so-tiny crush on Lukas. Mathias finds old CDs. Apparently Lukas can dance.

  • Smile • DenNor oneshot
    567 47 1

    short, sweet, and sad DenNor oneshot I wrote at 7 in the morning after a night of no sleep.

  • VERKLEMPT -austria x switzerland [lemon]
    13.3K 314 6

    (OLD and contains errors! apologies. read at own risk!) [def] verklempt 'fuhr-klempt/ adjective. choked up ; completely overcome with emotion. a short story, in which a Swiss man's misfortune leads to more than just chit-chat when an old friend offers him shelter from the rain. b...

    Completed   Mature
  • Project LUKAS [DenNor]
    5K 424 28

    Mathias builds a lifelike android in the privacy of his own home, hoping to create an artificial intelligence indistinguishable from that of humans. However, he is distrustful of the being he has created, finding himself unable to see a human mind behind LUKAS's glass eyes. Lukas on the other hand, only seems to grow...