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  • Bakugou Angsts
    129K 4.6K 31

    A series of Angsty Bakugou shorts. *Note*: These are short stories, not one shots. I REPEAT NOT ONE SHOTS! There are different stories in this that each have a full ending. Read summaries for each arc in introduction. Check it out! Ships: Todobaku, Bakudeku, ShinBaku & Kiribaku (Each arc will have different ships...

  • Quirkless
    22K 2K 65

    He was famished, dehydrated and he had no way to defend himself. Things were looking bleak, to say the least. He wobbled on his feet as he took a step back, his eyes wide as they glanced between the villains that tried to restrain him and the fight happening between All Might and that villain boss guy. His breathing w...

  • The Outlet (Depressed/Suicidal/Abused Bakugou)
    160K 7K 20

    COMPLETE!!! Only his parents and the Midoriyas know that Bakugou has two quirks. Explosion and Outlet. Little do most people know, when people touch Bakugou their negative emotions are transferred to him, causing him to push everyone away. His parents have always taken advantage of it. His father lies, acting kindly t...

    Completed   Mature