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  • Deamus one-shots (warning extremely gay)
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    You know what, there isn't enough Deamus in the world so I'm doing the world a favor by writing these shitty one-shots Requests are open because I'm really shitty with plots. Just message me what you want and I will most likely do it.. Also I might do other ships if ppl request them. Warning: I might not update very m...

  • Deamus One Shots
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    I add a one shot to this whenever I'm bored or think of a really good one. I do not own any of these characters they come from the Harry Potter series made by the wonderful J.K Rowling , (who should make Deamus cannon i mean for the love of Merlin they were literally holding hands in one scene) I hope you enjoy these...

  • Grün und Rot - Drarry FF
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    Hogwarts hat sich verändert, genau wie dessen Bewohner. Draussen herrscht Krieg, doch zwischen zwei Sechstklässlern herrscht weit mehr. Irgendwas zwischen Lebensgefahr und Wolke 7, zwischen Hass und Frieden, Beichten und Lieben. 1. Teil Best Ranking: 👑 #1 in #harryxdraco 👑 #1 in #queer 👑 #1 in #slash 👑 #4 in #drac...