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  • My Name is Charlie & This is Their Secret
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    Description: You already know who I am, I'm the chosen one. The girl who can save everyone. The only mortal to be bonded to an elemental and survive. The only person who can stop them from bringing hell to earth. And probably the only senior at Grantville High School who will graduate with a 4.0 because she has no soc...

  • Peter Pan: The Ultimate Player (Under Construction)
    13.5K 312 5

    What if Peter Pan was a player? Think about it. He goes around making girls fall in love with him, then leaves them in the dust. He's done it for years. You know Peter as the Lost Boy who never wanted to grow up. I know Peter as The Ultimate Player, and this is my story. Never trust a boy who doesn't want to grow up.

  • Shadowfall
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    Leia Illyria, Duchess of Amareth, and her family have kept away from court since she was little, for reasons she doesn't fully understand - in Myaengaer, where magic has been banned for two hundred years, Leia possesses extraordinary power. When a mysterious and evil threat that has lain dormant for two centuries begi...