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  • newspaper club | spot conlon au
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    Where a girl finds herself in the school newspaper club, surrounded by kids who are there for anything BUT the newspaper.

  • Brewin' in the Boroughs
    47.4K 1.8K 34

    "Race, what's goin' on? Where 'ave ya been?" Crutchie asked, eyeing the boy with worry. Race ignored him and continued limping to the stairs. "Race, get back over here. Crutch and I stayed up waitin' for ya, the least you can do is tell us where youse been." "I'm fine," Race mumbled, not stopping. Jack quickly steppe...

  • Lady of the Bronx- Newsies
    21.9K 519 26

    Bambina Bianchi was ten years old when she, her twin, mother, and sister left for America. It should have been an easy passage over, but that wasn't the case. Her mother died on the voyage, her sister was sent back to Italy, and once making it pass Ellis Island- Her twin brother abandons her. Five years later, in 1899...

  • A Spot Conlon Fanfiction: Mystic Love
    42.1K 701 22

    She is a smart mouthed, tough, big headed girl with one twisted life. Regardless of who she is, she isn't afraid to speak her mind or throw a few punches here and there. However, when her past catches up to her, Addilyn has to put up with a lot more than she expected including the King of Brooklyn.

  • His Challenger (ON HOLD)
    13.9K 295 15

    Spot Conlon was the King of Brooklyn, nothing and no one challenged his authority. Except for one, Jaguar. A Hatten Newsie who did not seem to be afraid of him. But Jaguar has a secret, and Spot planned to find out. (Re-Write of my original Spot Conlon fanfic) Start: 01/13/2020 End:

  • Breaking His Walls- [Spot Conlon love story]
    28.9K 327 29

    During the newsboys strike of 1899, Ciara Ryan is welcomed into the newsie family. Ciara puts herself to the test, determined to help strike leader Jack Kelly out in any way possible. However, her plans become shaken up when she begins to fall for the cocky king of Brooklyn- Spot Conlon. #1 in Strike #5 in SpotConlon...

    Completed   Mature