Tumblrluv's Reading List

  • The keepers Book {A Harry Potter Fanfiction}
    52.3K 1K

    “You see, Miss Blackwell... It is you’re duty to make them realize that they are not as different as they say. Show them that unity is the only way to win. Tha...

  • Dare Me Not
    17.4K 337

    "I dare you to sneak into Valentino Winters house." Said Sage. "It's on." Fergie is your average high school girl. She parties, she lives life, and has best...

  • The Nation Charmer-Book 1
    369K 4.9K

    Dahlia McLean finds herself thrust into a world of magic, monsters and immortals born at the beginning of time. She and her best friend, Troy Flarehill, and hi...

  • She's Broken
    6.3M 134K

    'Watching your brother go down for rape sounds like a difficult task, right? Try being the girl in the witness stand, the victim.' Most people ignore Kat Pri...

  • His Last 16
    2.6K 73

    Kara Mckenzie’s brother is in critical condition at Queen Mary’s Hospital and the only person she has to blame is herself. When he hands her a list of 16 thing...

  • Beating You
    6.2M 115K

    If you mentioned Ally Scythe to someone, they'd say one of three things. 1) That girl can skate. 2) Doesn't she work at the bookshop? or 3) Poor thing, her mot...

  • Chemical Attraction (Student/Teacher Relationship)
    1.7M 25.9K

    What would you do if you lost everything that ever mattered to you? When Phoebe Miller loses her family in a car crash, her answer is to simply close in on...

  • Getting Back at 'Mr Right'
    9.1K 204

    Milly Cartright had always wanted the perfect family; she wanted a baby to hold in her arms and a husband to love her as she did so. When she met James Hughes...

  • Never Have I Ever
    20.5M 265K

    Aria has always laid low in school with her tight-knit group of friends. When she meets Nash at a party, he's rude, he's blunt, and he's got more baggage than...

  • A Criminal's Kiss
    3.2M 65.2K

    Skye Moreno's life is pretty different to most other girls her age. For as long as she can remember she's been involved in a world full of guns, drugs and cri...

  • Love at Last Sight
    8.2M 156K

    “Rose, I’m sorry, but your eyesight will be gone by the end of this year.” Who knew one simple sentence could change a life so drastically? Rose is a normal s...

  • Bye, Bye Virginity
    23.8M 222K

    Stasee is your typical shy, quiet teenage girl until the night her brother’s best friend Damen Hurtz decides to finally acknowledge her existence. In a desper...

  • Just Another Summer... Or is it?
    9.3M 121K

    Like every other teenager, Angelina had plans for the summer that include camps, parties, and beach days with her friends. The final day of school arrives and...

  • 6
    10.8M 105K