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  • Trust Me (Drarry)
    910K 41.8K 70

    "Do you trust me?" "With all my heart." ***** What if it WASN'T Ginny Weasley who sent Harry Potter a musical Valentine in his second year? What if a simple prank sparked a special friendship, or even something more? But the relationship is more fragile than glass, threatened by emotions, darkness and enemies drawing...

  • Baby Draco
    172K 4.9K 20

    Harry recently told Ginny and Ron he was gay and then being the close minded gits they were turned him away. As much as Hermione liked Harry she loved Ron and went along with what he said. During transfiguration they are practicing a spell to turn an animal into its baby form for up to 6 months. Ron tried shooting the...

  • the miracle of us || drarry
    320K 13.8K 23

    "You were my miracle, and you saved me in every way imaginable." In which a hatred turns to a friendship, and a friendship becomes something more. ** this fic is completely unedited, rushed, and truly not thought though and slightly embarrassing but for some reason is getting a lot of reads

  • Always
    67.7K 3.1K 24

    The final story of Dear Mr. Potter. It's Maia's turn to learn. What's the life of a Potter- Malfoy without angst.

    Completed   Mature
  • Reborn
    194K 8.8K 33

    Sequel to Dear Mr. Potter

    Completed   Mature
  • Dear Mr. Potter
    842K 36.7K 61

    Harry returns to Hogwarts after defeating the Dark Lord just to have to fight again. Only this time it's a fight against heritage, instinct, and nature. Who will win?

    Completed   Mature
  • The Pirate and the Thief
    11.3K 823 10

    Draco has always had a heart for adventure, stealing from the depths of his city, skulking through the shadows with blades drawn. But nothing could have prepared him for Captain Harry James Potter, dastardly pirate and unconscionable scoundrel. Swept up into a swashbuckling adventure of blades and gunpowder, they ende...

    Completed   Mature
  • After hogwarts
    124K 3.3K 20

    Harry Potter quit his job as an auror to become a professor at Hogwarts after he heard about madam hooch retiring. On his first day he ran into the new head of Slytherin Draco Malfoy and something inside him stirs.

  • What If? - Drarry
    486K 22K 66

    A Drarry fanfiction based upon a simple question - what if Draco had met Harry in a different way to how it happened in the books? I try to follow JK's basic storyline so it seems similar to the books and movies, but with some differences (obviously) to make the Drarry happen :D

  • Eclipse
    15.4K 679 21

    You're dead, Potter... I'm going to make you pay..." Draco swore his revenge on Harry for Lucius's imprisonment, and Harry all but laughed at him. But Draco is planning more than schoolyard pranks this time. The old rivalry turns deadly when Draco abducts Harry for Voldemort. It's the perfect plan, guaranteeing reveng...

    Completed   Mature
  • Star Quality
    26K 1.6K 15

    Two years after the war, and Harry's content with his life. OK, so it's a little annoying that he keeps winning Witch Weekly's Most Eligible Bachelor award, and he's really not looking forward to the unveiling of an enormous gold statue of himself, but he loves his friends, and he loves being an Auror. And if he yearn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Pottah ✔
    499K 20K 45

    "Love is magical." - Anonymous Ranked #11 - hpff

  • It Started With Letters - Drarry
    325K 14.7K 77

    BEST: #1 in drarryfanfic - Draco Malfoy's biggest secret is the box of unsent letters under his bed, letters that are addressed to Harry Potter. The war is over and the students are returning for their final year at Hogwarts, everyone's ready for a relaxing year but for Harry and Draco it won't be easy. The two boys...

  • The Dark Legacy (a drarry story)
    617K 24K 43

    Everyone knew that Draco Lucius Malfoy was an evil prick who was raised to serve the dark lord. What people didn't know, is that inside, Draco was caring and kind- and forced into a legacy that he never wanted. Harry James Potter, the Boy Who Lived, was the only one who could see through Draco's emotionless mask, and...

  • Drarry - A Love Triangle.
    2M 97.4K 40

    Harry is back at Hogwarts for yet another year with his friends, but instead of the excitement that he usually feels to be returning to his beloved home, he finds himself feeling nervous. He isn't sure why because everything is going well for him: he's doing well in his studies, he's got the girl he had always dreamed...

  • Drarry Oneshots
    2.4M 114K 205

    Original Drarry one-shots written by yours truly MAJOR WARNING: there are stories that involve sex, suicide, murder, and other mature themes! I don't put trigger warnings in the beginning of my chapters, but I'm warning you here. If you are easily triggered by sensitive content, please do not read! Your mental healt...

  • Gold Tinted Spectacles (Hecatemus Book #1)
    356K 15.6K 67

    (Drarry) Harry Potter is about to enter his seventh year, and things are not quite what he expected. He is no longer the angry boy who watched his world fall apart at the end of his fifth year, but neither has he completely found his place yet. He is looking for something, and to his confusion it seems to involve Drac...

    Completed   Mature
  • It was you - Drarry
    340K 12.8K 67

    Harry was not at all excited to start school again. He was not ready for all the "dark lord" talk to start up again. Back at Hogwarts harry walks into a familiar blond, only to find out that they can hear one another's thoughts, only to find that this means they are mates. After a long struggle the boys soon express...

  • Roses (A Drarry FanFiction - Roses are Red, Violets are Blue Part 1)
    103K 5.4K 10

    Harry Potter has encountered Draco Malfoy numerous times so far during his Auror career, but on their first mission paired together events don't exactly go to plan and they soon find themselves trapped together for a night. Drarry/Harry Potter Fanfiction. Post Hogwarts AU. Smut. 16.2K words.

    Completed   Mature
  • Veela (Drarry fanfic)
    2.2M 70.5K 24

    Draco Malfoy is a veela. He has to keep this a secret, but more importantly he has to find his mate. From the moment his inheritance kicks in at seventeen, the more time he spends without his mate, the more pain he will endure. I know this is a really crap description but the story itself will be better I promise!

  • May I, Potter?
    319K 12.5K 20

    ◆COMPLETED FANFIC◆ Warnings : This book is rated PG-13 for teen use of alcohol, violence and mention of sexual content. If you are under the age of 13 or triggered by any of actions above, please caution reading this book. There's a new law and it isn't a good one. At least not for some students. The new law calls for...

    Completed   Mature
  • A Veela's Mate
    22.5K 775 21

    Draco's a Veela!! Harry's his mate!! That's literally all I can say about this story tbh!!

    Completed   Mature
  • Order From Chaos || Drarry
    38.2K 1.7K 9

    Harry wishes he could pretend Malfoy didn't exist, but when he finds him alone and vulnerable, he might have to rethink this. Disclaimer: All rights regarding Harry Potter go to J.K Rowling, and the Christmas image on the cover does not belong to me.

  • This all (14 part story)
    27.9K 912 14

    Scorbus fanfiction. So. Albus finally sees that it wasn't GIRLS he likes. So. He finally gets he is gay... But. Finding out he always liked Scorpius Malfoy? Oh boy is he in for a ride. Characters are J.K Rowling! I own nothing, but some of the plot. Not a lot.

  • BLIND SIGHT - drarry
    90.4K 4K 27

    The war is over, and the world has changed. What sacrifices must be made for peace? For happiness? For love?

  • Parsletongue Boners
    829K 20.9K 23

    Harry and Draco are 8th year dorm buddies. Draco has a thing for parsletongue, Harry happens to speak it fluently and discovers Draco's little kink. Can they have a relationship with their pasts and a future with their differences?

    Completed   Mature
  • Bond (Drarry)
    313K 10.2K 24

    "Marriage isnt about about a's about trust." cover: me (:

    Completed   Mature
  • Promise
    64.7K 2.3K 7

    The end has come, the final battle between good and evil has arrived but what happens when Harry makes a promise he may not be able to keep? ok so this is a re written version of the Battle of Hogwarts. It was originally meant for my Drarry one-shots but I decided it was too long so here it is, it's probably going to...

  • Because You're Worth It (Drarry)
    216K 8K 9

    After the war, Draco was being ignored by everyone. That is until he finds Harry under the tree by the Black Lake... Just a cute short story I wrote while on a break from one of my longer stories! Enjoy!

  • What If I Told You...?
    56.9K 2.4K 12

    An alternate universe where Harry Potter goes to high school and is best friends with Draco Malfoy. Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me - all rights go to J.K Rowling.