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  • Reincarnated as a Shameful Noble
    81.8K 4.3K 27

    Reincarnated Series #1 "Art defines the mood and emotion of the creator." A soul from the human world reincarnated into a world where art is the most important. Isang sining na nabubuhay at siyang kapangyarihan ng creator nito. But the thing is.... she got reincarnated into her favorite manhwa. A noble child who can'...

  • Reincarnated as the Seventh Princess (BOOK 1/3) |COMPLETED|
    952K 50.5K 61

    Reincarnated as the Seventh Princess Book 1 (Trilogy) Despite the clichè title, a breath-taking story is yet to unfold, waiting to be told. Not every story has a perfect beginning. Sometimes you have to read it till the end to feel the real magic within. Genre: Fantasy | Romance | Action | Language: Filipino Have y...

  • I'm Born as an Eryndor! (Season 1&2)
    269K 17.9K 163

    She died due overworking as a popular web writer, she never thought she could died like that in an appopriate state. Pero sabi nga nila, kung mabibigyan lang ka lang ng isa pang tyansa na mabuhay ulit and alas, she was reicarnated as a child! Hindi lang siya basta-basta na isang sanggol, kungdi bunso at nag-iisang pri...

  • Rise of Dawn
    642K 45K 57

    Rebirth of an assassin. Birth of the heaven-sent princess. Rise of the supreme goddess. Rise of Dawn. ***

  • One Chance For Redemption
    341K 14.8K 52

    When she died by an embarrassing death, she got transported into her favorite novel series. Not as a lead, but a character that will soon die as the novel progress. Now she must find a way to survive and avoid her bitter ending. Find a way to live her own life freely.

  • Reincarnated As The Villainess
    121K 7.2K 22

    "I became a princess in a book that I'm reading and I am the villainess." ~Lilith Hyacinth ____________ Copy pasted from WRAWA so expect some errors in this story Made in WRAWA Fb Group (August 25, 2020) -Queen A.M

  • Villainess Rules of Survival
    38.8K 2.6K 30

    [Villainess Series 02: Anaisarwen] 'I was sure that I was executed, but why am I back again, and as my younger self?!' Princess Anaisarwen Isla vain Harrington. The Infamous Princess known for being vicious, she is a evil doer and create bad deeds. She was executed by his Brother and her Love. Then she was back once...

  • AQR1: A Peerless Genius from Two Cities [COMPLETED]
    455K 28.2K 135

    Book Cover created by: @Cattyalita 010919-031819 TITLE: A Queen's Revenge GENRE: War/Military/Historical Fiction SETTINGS: Alternate world THEME: Ancient China "...Reincarnation's concept is deep and highly mysterious. Not everyone's second life is the same as others. The ancient believes that everyone will be reborn...

  • AQR2: A Samurai from Magnolia City [COMPLETED]
    132K 11.3K 150

    Book Cover created by: @Cattyalita 011220-082620 TITLE: AQR2: Samurai from Magnolia City GENRE: Fantasy/Historical Fiction SETTINGS: Alternate world THEME: Old Japan "We need to go to Hans Province, Nana. You can seek your Aunt Emy's help. She had helped King Julius before hand in hand with Atticus as Advisor. She alw...

    Completed   Mature
  • AQR3.1: An Agent from the Modern World [COMPLETED]
    557K 41.6K 200

    Book Cover created by: @Cattyalita 083020-032321 TITLE: AQR3.1: Agent from the Modern World GENRE: Fantasy/Historical Fiction SETTINGS: Alternate world THEME: Colonized Philippines "Do you really think you have your whole body intact ng tumalon ka sa cliff? This grandaunty will tell you, that ocean you landed in was f...

    Completed   Mature
  • AQR3.2: An Agent from the Modern World [COMPLETED]
    212K 23K 129

    Book Cover created by: @Cattyalita 032621-072821 Continuation of Yumi's journey in the ancient era.

    Completed   Mature
  • Ways To Escape Death
    582K 37.7K 83

    Sophia D. Ark, an ordinary college student that loves reading fiction as its only way to escape her not-so-good reality. After dying in an unfortunate accident, her soul transmigrated to a world inside of a romance novel set in medieval times. She possessed the body of a young lady from the second most powerful noble...

  • The Villainess' Resolve
    182K 10.1K 35

    With one bullet, the greatest assassin of the 21st century meets her end. As she tries to accept her end, she then open her eyes in a very familiar but different room. Turns out, she was reincarnated in her favorite book. Not as the female lead, nor a side character, but as the villainess who'll meet her death at the...

  • The Reincarnated Empress (ReverseHarem) | DISCONTINUED
    199K 11.9K 31

    (DISCONTINUED) What if one day you wake up and find yourself in a different body? This was the case for Blair Marseille, she found herself at the body of the empress in the novel called 'The Greatest Empire.' A novel about war between the three powerful kingdoms of Izu country. The Empress was caught in the conflict a...

  • Die Arthia
    209K 9.9K 100

    [ P a r a l l e l U n i v e r s e ] "Die Arthia!" The last words I heard from my father, he shouted it with so much anger. "F-father." I said as I fell asleep in the fire I created. Arthia's a bitch. She has everything she wanted pero hindi sya marunong makuntento. She want more, she want what her sister have, fat...

    Completed   Mature
  • Amelie, Maybe
    355K 18.9K 81

    A girl named Olivia was a jolly med student working hard to pay for her tuition. To lessen stress, she would read a book that she mysteriously found that has a title "Uncertain Love". She thought it was cliche at first but still read it. Along her life, she encountered an accident which lead her to a new life as Ameli...

  • Charlotte
    513K 29.8K 46

    I reincarnated as the villainess inside the novel where the villainess is destined to die in order for the heroine to have a happy ending. It would be a wonderful second life if only I was reincarnated as the heroine and not as a villainess. I am destined to die after dying? Huh, forget the story and just escape rig...

    Completed   Mature
  • Arisia Lives As A Villainess ✔
    298K 15.3K 60

    Died and reincarnated in the book she last read, Arisia hopes to live an interesting life unlike her previous boring one. What will be in it for her? Date Started: October 17, 2021 Date Ended: March 20, 2022 Written In TagLish PLAGIARISM IS A CRIME! Cover by UnknownMetanoia. CTTO.

  • Center Empire Princess
    26.8K 2.7K 60

    A princess who had almost everything in her whole life; beauty, intelligence, swordsmanship, and people. She was famous among the five empires because of her seductress skill. Everything goes upside-down when Hana Ferrer transmigrated into the princess body. Hana knows some of regulations of empire and she can't just...

    55.8K 2.9K 51

    HIGHEST RANK #8 IN PARANORMAL (CATEGORY) "You cannot deceive the deceiver." Ashanti could not figure out how she got a second life. Her last memory was her fall from the top of a high building on the night of her eighteenth birthday. Her eyes opened while her body was lying on her cozy bed as if the things happen...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Became The Villainess (Completed🌟)
    397K 19K 73

    Being transmigrated in the world of novel was impossible but what will you do if it's happen to you? How about you became the villain of the story? Or about the female lead was nothing but a bitch? Or the male leads finds you interesting? Or about those anonymous persons that became obsessed to you? What will you d...

    Completed   Mature
  • I Became the Princess of a Fallen Kingdom (Completed)
    415K 22.7K 89

    Daniela Martinez was lucky enough to be alive after someone pushed her off the cliff but after finding an old abandoned library and that weird book. She woke up in a different world and a different body. Daniela turned into a princess inside of a novel book whose kingdom is about to be destroyed by the hands of a craz...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Death of Athyeia (COMPLETED)
    178K 9.9K 56

    16 year old Alaina lived a rather short life. at age 16, by an unknown person, she was stabbed. And that was when her unreasonable life began. She was transported to a world inside a 4000 plus old novel and lived once again as Athyeia. Will she know the cause of her death and maybe find away to escape this reality? Re...

  • Reincarnated as a Side-Character
    239K 14.1K 49

    "I'm gonna show you that a side character can be the main character too." -Herabella Venturi ____________ Copy pasted from WRAWA so expect some errors in this story Made in WRAWA Fb Group (March 26, 2021) -Queen A.M

  • Blood Link (Elysian Series #1)- COMPLETED
    79.8K 5.9K 60

    A normal high school girl who enjoys playing RPG games and staying in her room 24/7. She attends online school only because she hates socializing with other people. She's obsessed in playing to the point that she can finish 1 RPG game in just weeks or a month. In this month, she already completed one of her recently b...

    Completed   Mature
    91.4K 4.6K 54

    ❝ Kahit saang lupalop ako mapunta, mapa impyerno man o langit ay wala din namang mababago saakin. Sapagkat natural lang sa isang katulad ko ang mamuhay ng naayon sa gusto ko. Ako ang mamumuno at tanging pinuno ng sarili ko. ❞ - Shania Liebesfreud. What if the Villainess from a million years got in the world of futu...

  • Henrietta's Blade
    107K 7.9K 76

    "Divide your enemy so you can reign approach." Upon rebirth, she returned to the time when she was twenty-four years old. As she recalled the torture she had through, memories filled her head. Smarter, feistier, and more daring! She became the cold-blooded woman who shakes the world! Pushed away by her so-called famil...

  • The Wolf King and I
    340K 20K 64

    How does it feel to live inside your favorite manhwa as a side character? Reina Ramos is a normal university student who struggles on her life as an orphan. Upang matustusan ang pag-aaral ay kabi-kabilang trabaho na ang kanyang napasukan. Nando'n na ang pagiging online seller at pagiging cashier sa isang milktea shop...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Villainess Rise from her Downfall
    633K 32.7K 86

    [Villainess Series 01: Ellesmeere] One day, I got into an accident, remember my past and reincarnated in the novel as the villainess who got her bittersweet ending, death. Yah-- As if I let myself die all over again! I'll live and I, who knows the only truth hidden from their fantasy will live to the fullest this ti...

  • Violet the Wallflower | COMPLETED
    365K 21.3K 56

    What would you do if you have given the chance to live out in your favorite novel? Misty, a normal high school student was reading her favorite novel The Beauty Within when the bus her riding was caught up in an accident on her way home. She died. She was expecting to be welcomed in Heaven (since she considered hersel...