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  • Back to the Stone Age
    4.1K 253 32

    Paul falls asleep in a hotel room after a concert in 2019. Just like he does every other night. But... it wasn't just like every other night. He falls asleep, waking up a little after. He stands up, not knowing where he was. Was he still in the same hotel room? He goes to look in the mirror, seeing that he...

  • Lazy Afternoons
    238 15 1

    Just an ordinary day

  • Imagine: Time Traveling To The 80's (Book One)
    83.8K 2.1K 50

    Imagine: You're in the 80's --Finished-- (Warning: Some scenes may be suggestive/mature to some viewers. Read at your own risk!)

  • My Michelle Your Mama Don't Dance Bad Boy Boogie {Completed}
    29K 869 32

    Alissa Marie Adler is the little sister of Drummer Steven Adler, when she gets sent by their Aunt and Uncle to Steven in California all hell breaks loose. Lis meets Steven's band and their friends, Steven tries to make his little sister see a different route than him but, as a certain guy takes notice to Stevens littl...